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  New use for the leftovers from sas distilling.
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Author  Topic:   New use for the leftovers from sas distilling. 
Member   posted 01-09-99 04:27 AM          
Last post here for me.
I know someone will spit on this but here goes anyway.
In the recent past I discovered that if you saver the leftovers from distillation of sassafras you can use it to distill the ketone without burnt stuff leftover, it works better than cooking oil or peanut oil(tried both) you can use it over and over and over.
Well now shit on it as fast as you can.

Member   posted 01-09-99 09:26 PM          
When distilling safrole I am often left with a thick darkBrownBlackish gunk. Is this the stuff you are talking about?
Sometimes during safrole distillation some of it gets charred onto the boiling flask. If you re-use the leftovers in this way will the charring also happen or does it only happen the first time when doing the safrole? (ie all that can char does char)

I take it that it has a bp that is higher than the ketone as well....

I suppose you could also use it if you were gonna distill the freebase amine at the end...

Whadda ya think?

Member   posted 01-09-99 09:28 PM          
PS: I hope you don't think that I am shitting on your idea. I like it.

Member   posted 01-11-99 04:35 AM          
Nah, I don't think you are shitting on it, as for me When I distill it I don't go quite that far to end up with dark brown stuff I stop as soon as the temp in the top of vageraux colmn gets higher than safrole temp, thus I am left with a little darl yellow stuff each time and I add it to a supply of it and then use it to distill ketone over without charring. It does boil higher, all those things that don't come over fast.
beats cooking oil or cottenseed oil for me anyway. I even use it to distill over iso sometimes same results......
Standard disclaimer here#####
you know don't try this at home, it may be against the Law, you could get hurt, you don't have a note from your Mom, only ment to entertain. or amuse.
Member   posted 01-11-99 01:42 PM          
I doubt that this would work very well for the oil that I currently use. The reason is that there does not seem to be a clear "break" in the boiling point.
For example: At atmospheric pressure it begins to boil about 232C but the temp continues to rise as clear safrole comes over. The contents of the distilling flask get darker and darker and by the time it hits 245C only a black oil remains. I imagine that if heating was continued that the temp would continue to slowly rise as the shit got thicker and thicker and finally charred.

So, even if I leave that "other" stuff behind when distilling safrole, it will likely come over anyway when distilling higher boiling oils like iso-saf or ketone.

I really like your idea, I just don't think it would work very well for me any my particular oil....

Member   posted 01-15-99 02:57 AM          
See me for good oil......
Member   posted 01-15-99 07:20 AM          
gyrogearloose: You said: "See me for good oil."
OK, how do I that? email:

Muchas Gracias,

Methyl Man
Member   posted 01-15-99 05:38 PM          
Mr. Gyrogearloose: would you mind imparting that info to me as well? (no, it's not my real name!)

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