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Author  Topic:   Quaalude Substitute from Vitamin B 
Administrator   posted 05-24-99 08:45 PM          
Hi! Could we have a writeup on the current progress of this synthesis? The old thread seems to have disappeared.
Member   posted 05-25-99 03:16 AM          
As far as I remember, obtaining the intermediate alcohol via bisulphite cleavage of B works fine. Easy, OTC & high-yielding (can someone with a record of the thread select & repost one of the better writeups, please?). The stumbling-block was conversion of the primary alcohol to the chloride. The patent method uses thionyl chloride, something I cannot obtain. I asked some bee with access to this handy chlorinating agent to test it out. No replys.
Is the thread backed up on your page, R? I will be gutted if it's all gone. I think we were 95% there!

Administrator   posted 05-25-99 11:30 AM          
I have no backup. As I never saw any conclusions in the thread, only a lot of discussions, I never put any of it at my page.
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unregistered   posted 05-28-99 11:33 AM           
OK: I have dreamed the production & cleaning of intermediate alcohol. I have thionyl chloride but not benzene. Will toluene or xylene work? Can someone get the article and post it, please? When you do I will test it and post a FULL synthetic text. I promise.

Member   posted 06-04-99 01:30 AM          
Search and ye shall find. In one of my last posts in the better lude thread I wrote up the thionyl chloride procedure. Basically, just dissolve the thionyl and the alcohol in chloroform, then keep cold overnight. Check it out.

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unregistered   posted 06-10-99 08:45 AM           
CZ: It's vary sparce info. please to type up a slightly more 'full' experement? I have,
1Kg SOCl2, 10l CHCl3 & I've got 2Kg B1 and 4Kg NaHSO3 + a 25l dH2O barrel. I am ready. Just need some details. I have no access to reference really. Also, you said 'in original paper, 8.3g SOCl2 was dripped onto the ethyl alcohol'. Please could you expand on that one? It can be scaled up to multi Kg batches? Well I will try & write it up. Then all of Hive people know what I know.
Is freebase alcohol dissolved into CHCl3, for I imagine the HCl being formed by the action of the SOCl2 and dropping out of solution. This means after removing water & HCl from washes, I will freebase & vacuum distill.
One last thing, after stirring overnight, do you think that sodium formate would be a good way to destroy all remaining SOCl2. Adding water near killed me once! After completion, do I freebase & vac-distill Cl? I don't know.
I need more help,
Please help.