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Author  Topic:   ephedrine XTC analogue,... 
Member   posted 06-29-99 07:51 PM          
I was wondering if one were to take ephedrine and put some ether groupings on the ring would it have CNS activity?
For instance,... where X2 is any halogen
C6H5-CHOH-CHNHCH3-CH3 + X2 + no light-->
(What position)-(X)-C6H5-CHOH-CHNHCH3-CH3

then a willimson ether synthesis
CH3OH + NaOH in alcohol +
(#? position)-(X)-C6H5-CHOH-CHNHCH3-CH3 -->

Would this work? Or would the X2 react with the OH before the ring? Also procedural info on the willamson ether synthesis would be nice.

Member   posted 06-30-99 04:35 AM          
1. The Williamson ether synth only works with aliphatic halogenides.
2. The halogen might oxidise the OH, depending on reaction conditions.
3. The halogen will most likely enter the 4-position (para).
Wizard X
Moderator   posted 06-30-99 06:34 AM          
Halogen will react in this order, para, ortho and then benzylic.
Member   posted 06-30-99 09:24 AM          
Coincidentally Piglet and I were discussing this recently. The compound will probably have CNS activity, but also a lot of effect on the blood-pressure. Compare the action of ephedrine to meth, the same effect will prolly be seen when comparing the actions of MD-ephedrine and MDMA. Lr/
unregistered   posted 07-07-99 04:27 PM           
If you took ephedrine and put "some ether groupings on the ring" (specifically an oxygen at position #3 and an oxygen at position #4 connected to each other by an etheric CH2 unit), you would have a compound that wouldn't cross the blood-brain barrier enough to get you off all that well because it would be too hydrophilic/not hydrophobic enough.
. . . BUT . . .

If you then removed the molecule's hydroxyl group--say, by oxidizing it to a carbonyl and then (very carefully) removing the oxygen with 2HNNH2 followed by NaOH--you might just be on to something .

Alternatively, if you added the ether grouping to the #2 and #3 positions and followed the above procedure successfully without killing yourself or followed any other procedure that more easily led this same product, you would be in for an even more psychoactive compound. However, I can't figure out how to synthesize this second compound for less than like $500 per gram (my cost).

Bonus Question: What am I talking about? (Answer tomorrow.)

unregistered   posted 07-07-99 04:44 PM           
The first compound would be 3,4-MDMA. The second one is 2,3-MDMA, but that's not the way anybody would make either one.
Junior Member   posted 07-21-99 06:04 AM          
sorry if this causes inconvenience, i posted
a synthesis for d-**** from ephedrine in
chemistry discourse if you are interested.
but i know that with a simple combination
of ephedrine and caffeine creates the same
effect as ecstacy it is known as herbal xtc.
but the mix must be just right .
do ya know of anything cool that i can do with pseudo-ephedrine


Member   posted 07-21-99 02:29 PM          
Yes I know a lot of cool shit to do to psuedo-ephedrine. Check out the cystal meth forum.

Member   posted 07-22-99 01:29 PM          
D-N-a; Caffiene and ephedrine combined has the same effect as ecstacy ??? That must make ecstacy a cheap shot !! If this is true, why aren't more people doing these two substances ?? Not that I really care anyway.
Prickleberry out..
Member   posted 07-27-99 01:46 AM          
Caffeine and ephedrine (not pseudo) do indeed create any effect that subtely reminds me of the ecstacy experience. There's none of the 'lovey' part but the happyish part is there. Caffeine and ephedrine have more speedy characteristics. I don't consider MDMA speedy at all but I could easilly stay up all night on two beans.

Better yet a nice combination in just the right amount of good synthetic ephedrine.HCl, caffeine, and 30 minutes later a little bit of marijuana. The comparison is subtle but it's it is definately there. The true magic is lacking though.

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