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  How Would Elemecin --> Mescaline?
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Author  Topic:   How Would Elemecin --> Mescaline? 
unregistered   posted 07-30-99 06:52 PM           
Call me old-fashioned and rhetorical, but before planting my celery, parsely, dill and carrot ethnobotanical research garden, I would first like you, My Fellow Bees, to consider this, my short, theoretical inquiry into the essential chemistry of Elemecin!
Specifically, does anyone want to share a practical synthetic organic pathway that starts with Elemecin (spelled right?) and that then leads to 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenethanamine (synthetic Peyote)?

I think it would be best to use ozonolysis (by bubbling ozone through DCM followed by Zn and HCl I think it is) on Elemecin to yield formaldehyde plus 3,4,5-tri-MeO-phenethanal and then reductively aminating this aldehyde product with ammonium acetate and sodium cyanoborohydride in methanol at pH 7 in a well-ventilated fume hood--smoking cigarettes and smelling for almonds all-the-while, of course!

Alternatively, I know that Del Cason article, "An Evaluation for the Clandestine Manufacture of MDMA" is it?, posted on Rhodium's Web site lists the standard conditions for converting isosafrole into piperonal, and I can't see why these same conditions shouldn't work for converting Elemecin, in an analogous fashion, to its ethanalic derivative equally well.

I do realize that this, in all likelihood, may be a rather expensive proposition, since the standard Elemecineutical dose is 500 mg versus the one-fifth as large, but ever as lovely, Sassafrasical dose of 100 mg.

Still, I would feel safer first (theorectically) venerating an ancient Native American tradition before trying to invent a new, semi-synthetic one instead, if for no other reason than synthetic, commercial Mescaline sounds like a very good but strictly hypothetical idea to me!!!

What I meant to say was, before mythologically repeating the Greecian story of Icarus and Daedelus, or at least before attempting it, I would first like to learn more about the fourth dimensional nature of space-time while tripping on synthetic Mescaline!    8) 8) 8)

. . . but . . .

I don't want to have to dream about this myself, and I don't want to have to drive all the way to New Mexico, either! (I want to not-buy it at a Rave.)

BTW, the Sassafras tree is also an indigenous natural product of the New World's ethnobotanical cornocupia, you know. It is, in fact, native to the Southeastern United States and to parts of South America, but like, what plant _can't_ they grow in South America? I guess the Chinese have Sassafras trees, too but, it is the Americans who figured out what it is really meant for, right?

Hate to reveal my ethnocentricity again, but South America also yields a plant that is made into crack! And Africa has a plant, khat, that makes speed! Yuk!

Penis Seinfeld: Be sure to include on your Sassafras Oil site that, acc'd to Native American health care, drinking 6 to 10 drops of the oil a day protects against disease by killing pathogens and by thinning the blood, much like aspirin, and is also a mood-enhancing anxiolytic. Furthermore, not only is safrole a natural aphrodisiac, but was also a treatment against sexually transmitted infections.

Strike: Finished reading another of your books today, and I think you are truly a great author!

Love Ya,

Member   posted 07-30-99 07:46 PM          
TMA results from amination of the ketone produced by oxidation of elemicin. 25-50mg is the normal dose.
Member   posted 07-30-99 09:19 PM          
Shulgin coverws it in Phikal,
dont have the senth number infront of me, but you can look it up by name in the index.


Moderator   posted 07-31-99 12:04 AM          
Yes, it true. You are a very good, and funny author. It seems as though we share some common interests (dugs & women). 

Member   posted 07-31-99 05:10 AM          
You know, Illicium parviflorum is a much better source of not-safrole. Red star anise, I think? The oil is in the leaves, so it's renewable. 90%, all this per remembered TSI. Grows everywhere here, found a post office today with a hedge of it. Break a leaf, sniff, ahh rootbeer
If some one would give me some non-lab equipment procedures, I'd be happy to try it. Alternately, I'll just mail you a kilo of the leaves.


You realize, of course, that N.America is the home of tobacco.

Moderator   posted 07-31-99 06:37 AM          
Muki, please email me.

Administrator   posted 07-31-99 07:32 AM          
To synthesize mescaline from elemicin, the elemicin must first be oxidized to 3,4,5-trimethoxybenzaldehyde with for example basic KMnO4 (I have a synthesis of 2,4,5-trimethoxybenzaldehyde from asarone on my page, use that one).
This benzaldehyde is then condensed with nitromethane, and the resulting nitrostyrene reduced to mescaline as in Pihkal.

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