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  PCBs of the phenethylamine world, or, Clor-X
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Author  Topic:   PCBs of the phenethylamine world, or, Clor-X 
Member   posted 10-09-1999 01:12 AM          
With all those activating substituents hanging off of their dear little aromatic rings, methinks it would hypothetically bee rather facile to chlorinate some of our beloved substances, to wit;
MDMA + Cl2 ala eleusis/zwitterion = tri-chloro-MDMA

MMDA ala iudexk + Cl2 = dichloroMMDA

...and so on. Apparently, this has been done with mescaline, with the natural degradation of chloroform as the source of chlorine radicals, to reportedly MAXIpotent effect. Generation of Cl2 via permangate oxidation of HCl, or perhaps by the addition of 'pool shock' to pool chlorine products (I forget who suggested that, its around here somewhere), would eliminate the time factor in waiting for chloroform to give up the goodies. Gassing of solvent-substrate solution would be particularly thrilling- chilled conditions could of course minimize choking fumes of death. And OTC ingredients allow the 'common man' easy access to experimentation with novel phenethylamine analog synthesis procedures!

The chlorines would not be present, as with 2C-C or DOC, in the 4-position ("where the action is" as the good doctor notes). But perhaps the increased dielectric strength of these novel substances would delay their biological breakdown a la certain aforementioned pollutants/ supposed amphetamine precursors (anyone for raiding superfund sites? ).

Confirmation of biological effects would garner the experimenter the rare accords due one on becoming one of the first hive bees to actually invent a new drug- something sadly missing from this forum. If the increase in potency were to be found comparable to the fabled effects of dichloromescaline (  ), then we might even expect previously miniPOTENT drugs to even be made available to that most hallowed of routes- nasal administration. Yee-HORNK!

A blind alley, perhaps, yet so amenable to experiment that the Spirit of Science veritably compels us to explore it!

What say ye, dear colleagues?

Son: Mom, Billy pushed me in the mud!

Mother: Well don't you get your little panties in a bunch just yet, Junior, a little dab of Clor-X'll take that stain right out- just as soon as Mommy's had a few bumps of the shit!

Member   posted 10-12-1999 12:36 PM          
Hmmm, silence.
I'm not aware of any interesting halo-phenethylamines besides 2,(6) X-mescaline, 2C-X, & DOX- isn't anyone interested in taking a shot at MDMA, MMDA, and the host of other as-yet-untested-in-halogenated-form phenethylamines? None of these have been synthesized yet, AFAIK.

Yeah I realize the 'dielectric strength' hypothesis is probly bunk , but who cares as long as some of these turn up active?

I just brought up chlorine as an obvious and more accessible halogen- no reason not to try bromo & iodo compounds, tho PiKHAL would seem to indicate that there's no big dif (except price of halogens!).

CaMON fellow-insects, these should be a fuckin' snap to make- just bubble halogen gas into a solution containing the phenethylamine in question. Or use liquid halogen like Shulgin did for 2C-C & DOC. Don't know of any hypothetical entities near to me who could undertake this investigation right now, so I offer it to the Hive as a challenge and a question. The paucity of new drug analogs has been bemoaned before by the 'big' bees- let's see some action in this department, eh?

Member   posted 10-12-1999 12:48 PM          
Caught Doccy's attention ,esp. 4-MCEA or 4-MCMA (Doc SWEARS there has to be some interesting effects with the 4-R-amphetamines . Think I'll be paying PiKHAL another visit . BBL.

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