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  Bio-assay of 4-Methoxy-methamphetamine
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Author  Topic:   Bio-assay of 4-Methoxy-methamphetamine 
Member   posted 10-11-1999 11:57 AM          
Hey all. This is the story of a guy with nothing to do, so he tried this:

To my knowledge, no one has posted in this area except dpharma.

Saturday night:

Went to club, saw friend, ate one commercial
bean called a 'euro'....
they arent bad at all....
went home after about 4 hours and was coming down, and looked at the small vial of 4mma
sitting on the table. On the spur of the moment, I measured out 215 mg, and did it.

Of the oil, not a salt.

After 45 minutes I returned to rolling, HARD. My jaw went into total lockdown and my eyes began to cross. The eye thing was weird as hell. I had a little trouble focusing. But the euphoria was there, the feeling in your chest was there. There was the awareness of the nature of the experience being very similar to mdma.

6 hours later, and Im in a stupor. Didnt sleep much, but that night, I did it again, w/ the same amount, and POW! back in the space I was at the night before.

Today, I am a little disoriented, but its not bad. Some people would like this. I think its closer to MDA in its nature.

Administrator   posted 10-11-1999 12:33 PM          
Check out  for more trip reports with this compound.
Semtex Enigma
Member   posted 10-11-1999 04:26 PM          
This was NOT made with the Gryo/Labtop performic route, yes?
Member   posted 10-13-1999 09:31 AM          
Sem- Yes, it wasnt

This is a few days later.(3, exactly)

I must agree with the assesment of dpharma, at least in part, as I have found myself much more introspective and emotional than usual for these past post-dosage days.

Crying for very little reason has occurred twice, and as I was playing a video game to check out my responses, etc, I noticed a certain 'surging' or jumpiness of a reflex-type nature, where I did a mini-twitch or something, I dunno, but it was a little irritating.

Knowing what i know about psychedelics, though, I would have to say it most definitely IS active, in a psychedelic way,
at these dosages. Amphetamine component was not really there, now that you mention it, but hte other stuff was...

Very difficult on the body, as recovery has been very slow. Slight disorientation over the past few days, improving slowly.


I have never, till now, experienced my eyes crossing horizontally AND vertically, but they did on this stuff, and the physical parts of a roll were present in excess.
The inside of my mouth is torn up.

Ala Shulgin;

" I am not inclined to repeat the experience anytime soon, given the body-load ".

But it was very powerful. Mentally, yes, but not in an LSD way, not in an X way.

I realize that the interpretations are subjective, but this package is probably a little rough for a lot of people. I reccommend it for the hardcore, as this challenge; Take it as a co-dose, as I reported, w/ MDMA, and check out the synergistic effects. They are mighty.

Semtex Enigma
Member   posted 10-13-1999 05:27 PM          
Spiceboy, you gave me an email addy some time ago, however you've not responded to what I have sent(been a few weeks), is there another one where I can get a hold of you at? Mine is still the same if you don't wish to post it here, or you can talk to Bright Star, he'll know what I'm talking about...
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