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Author  Topic:   Chemoenzymatic Epoxidation 
Member   posted 11-29-1999 06:35 PM          
I ran across this:
Chemoenzymatic Epoxidation of Alkenes by Dimethyl Carbonate and Hydrogen Peroxide

Organic Letters 1999, vol 1 No 7 1025-1026

typical epoxidation 1 mmol olefin in 10 mL dimethyl carbonate and 200 mg Novozym 435 added, then 5 mmol H2O2 (60%) in small portions over 16 h. Stir 16 h then dry over Na2SO4 and NaSO3 to reduce xs peroxide.

yield for styrene 78%

can also use EtOAc for solvent

yield for styrene 73-92 %

Member   posted 11-29-1999 07:25 PM          
well then lets open the issue further shall we, a coleman lantern or stove is placed into a box and run until dead, fresh gass is pumped into the lamp or stove to incluse Co this can be or was likely ussed in manufature of the said gas and is can be seen as a gray like blue aura in the said petro also it is possible to employ iodine like substance to keep rigging good and lubricated no need to add oil, this results in color from blue to red its very possible a multi gass technique is employed to drive off any possible water and also catalyse it prompt expulsion from this media, lastly exotic chemicals might be interesting but not nearly as much so as the simple and over the counter rationals that they employ to mimic and it was a clandestine in its arrt that they became known or even preffered, why evn use the exotic chemical when something simple will work why even talk about it, well it has helped me thanks.....
This was the nice response the real response follows this.................

Member   posted 11-29-1999 07:31 PM          
Thsi does produce a styreene type meterial that is definatly not styreene think if I owned a big pharmo company I want to kill poision my kids because of a reaction being employed in otc??? No way in hell I would,,,,there fore we discover and employ novel and natural to defend and also add the best kida incentive to our rather unknown counterpart, this is a good interest that we protect there interest and they likewise protect or intersets see ya never give a gift that will not be appreciated we used to do this in the past we learned from that mistake/mistakes.........No I do not think the meterial created is styreen it is styreen like truth is they have been trying to figure it out for years and are still trying, stuff seems rather inert compared to styreen much less toxic and like repaete rather inert stuff, highly resinous stuff ussually gots cooloish critters added to help it disseminate the good stuff, an asside to other issues in discussion no doubt, maybe thee critical examinations belong in a priviate forum cause I dont like the critical evaluation being presented as such........................keep it up though I do like it
Member   posted 11-29-1999 07:37 PM          
Still trying to figure what this means I know what they are trying to protect in this case I suppose this is a possibility this pisses me off alot\ ya mean I got styrofoam or is it polyamine maybe they are the same or well I am shure of one thing ya dont know unless ya inturpet the resultant very carefully, see I do know something a thing or two about salt stuff, but this is essentially about as far as it goes what is a styrofoam salt of salt of something more layman like the fancy grad stuff need not be but may be necessary for the select few that have or choose to acess such stock hopefully only for discovery purposes I would hope as these quickly become controled when they become public???????///////////
what is this supposed to mean????

Member   posted 11-29-1999 09:40 PM          
Dear Duffy (the thread-killer)
Styrene is phenyl-ethylene. Not poly-styreen or whatever the fuck goopey glop that permeates the icky hypo you use to jugular mainline, you garrulous misanthropic buffoon. This was used in the paper in an interesting way. The hope would be to extend the methodology to other beloved terminal alkenes, which could then be rearranged with LiI in a one-pot procedure to a ketone.

Where the fuck is a pimp when you really need one?

K.C. Nicolaou
Member   posted 11-29-1999 10:14 PM          
Acme - That was the funniest response to an FMAN post I have seen yet. For other novel epoxidation procedures, see 
Member   posted 11-30-1999 12:14 PM          
Quit talking to the FMAN. Don't encourage him.
Member   posted 12-02-1999 08:19 PM          
looks like some kinda epoxy to me and what they do to solve it problem in my opinion, see I think you guys are perusing the synth info and then making theory to try to hinder synth approaches and then you product is put through the test phase rather hurried and of course its supposably inert stuff hummm???
Well now this is what exactly I think of the talk code it seems ya want not to do the right thing hummmmm?

So which test will you release as a preventive measure today, I realize these things are tried in incrimental technique, making reliable stock a thing of yesterday, um just why would people pay for such as service???

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