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Author  Topic:   Suzuki Coupling to give PEA's 
Member   posted 12-13-1999 05:27 PM          
JOC 1999, 64, 8743-8744

A Suzuki Coupling Method for Directly Introducing a Protected beta-Aminoethyl Group into arenes and alkenes. Convenient Synthesis of Phenethyl and Homoallylic Amines

Starting with N-CbZ-Amino-ethylene, hydroboration with (9-BBN)2 in THF, then add to aryl bromide + 15 mol% PdCl2(dppf). DMPEA (Z-protected) is listed as as one of the examples, 1 step, 91% yield.

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Coupled with the Suziki method of teaching young children to play violin this has to potential to make history!
-Joni Wang
Child Prodigy Violinist and Organic Chemist

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The yields are nice, but I think this one wins the prize for the most exotic reagents, and most dollar-intensive phenethylamine synthesis ever. Clever none-the-less.
-the good reverend drone