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  autogenous H2 pressure generation device
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Author  Topic:   autogenous H2 pressure generation device 
Hive Bee   posted 01-24-2000 04:04 PM          
A mechanism has been developed which produces hydrogen by dripping acid into a water solution containing powdered aluminum in a closed system. The hydrogen produced is conveyed to a reaction chamber where the H2 bubbles through a solution containing materials to be acted on.
The H2 maximum pressure is safety regulated by a popett valve well within the PVC schedule 40 piping pressure rating.


The self regulating characteristics of the device arise from the fact that the acid vat drips acid into the aluminum/water mix only when there is a pressure gradient across the PVC membrane which separates them.

The air volume above the acid is pressurized through use of a Schraeder or Presta valve, which pushes the acid through an approx. .001" orifice into the below chamber.

When the H2 pressure rises to the pressure in the chamber above the acid, no further impetus for acid flow is provided.

As the H2 is consumed (or as is the most likely case, escapes through MINISCULE leaks) it is replinished by the futher automatic addition of acid.


Thanks to Chem Guy that stimulated this thought process.

Also, to KrZ, whos'e Master thread began this process

And ultimately back to Lone Ranger : but I don't remember the thread name.


This betters the original structure, which depended on the batchwise addition of NaOH pellets to aluminum/water, inasmuch as the H2 elution was greatly distributed to the "front end" of the process time.

Also, such process gave rise to disconcerting heating of the PVC pipe in which the reaction took place. (Giving rise to safety considerations.)

This does not, being so well distiributed time-wise.


In operation, after the initial pressure rise, the reaction chamber is "burped" through momentary raising of the popett valve, to purge air from the system.


I have some questions about sulfuric acid chemistry in this process, but will hold them until later.


Hive Bee   posted 01-24-2000 04:50 PM          
I will hold it till later likewise any advice untill the truth start to reek a bit.......ya can clean up the battery acid very easy with the electrochemical technique simply plating out the lead from the solution....what ya produce at the electrodes may be a mater of technique however it should be realitivy easy to accuire the necessary skill to do such so the purest type chemical regent might be held back for some time due to lack of interest and interns to the real methods.....
Many thing smight be used such as submerging the entire vessel in water this is a good idea consider the other ideas...upside down water glass trick if ya cant do this then ya shoudl proally not be messing around with it...........

Hive Bee   posted 01-26-2000 05:36 PM          
Also Dwarfer, I was thinking that a better design for the dripping H2 production would be this:
Take a length of pipe, A, in the vertical direction, and attach it to a T branch.

Put a valve, just below the T branch and attach an elbow to the bottom of the valve.

Connect the elbow and the T branch together, thus creating a "b" shaped section of pipe.

The Al would be below the valve. The NaOH/H2O would be above the valve and below the T branch. By doing this the NaOH/H2O won't splash up from the H2 production, rather it will leave through the elbow up to the T branch and above NaOH/H2O into the system.

Everything in this post is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to facilitate illegal activity. I've done nothing illegal and nor should you.

Hive Bee   posted 01-26-2000 08:16 PM          
Well, this is good for me: it makes me appreciate the difficulty of visualizing somebody else's written description.
try again, from the bottom up, or some other matrix so I can make a better visualization.

I have the parts for the one I discussed: it is a little more complicated than I thought.(Because the intersection of parts not existing in the pipe selection bin.

So I'll wait till I have a picture to post.

Meanwhile if your's is more easily buildable I'll throw mine out.

I ran a "pressure blank" because of some earlier leaks during production.

It attained 60 PSI on Sunday: this morning, Wednesday, it was still @ 30 PSI: so I figger thats good enuff.

NOW: if we can get the NICKEL dealy-bob off the ground we'll be crooozin.


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