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04-19-00 07:50
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Author  Topic:   One-step Amphetamine 
Wizard X
Moderator   posted 07-20-99 09:54 PM          
Strike, Rhodium, Drone, Osmium, etc.
C6H5-CH2-OH + HO-CH(NO2)-CH3 == LAH ==>>
C6H5-CH2-CH(NH2)-CH3 + 2H2O
Also, this is possible.
C6H5-CH2-OH + HO-CH(NH2)-CH3 == LAH ==>>
C6H5-CH2-CH(NH2)-CH3 + 2H2O

There is a catalyst that I have NOT discovered or determined at present. All input greatly appreciated.

Wizard X
Moderator   posted 07-21-99 08:35 PM          
I should add that the reaction is a deoxygenation coupling reaction with low-valence transition metals. Some high-valence transition metals may also work.
Please find all info on deoxygenation reagents.

04-19-00 15:18
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04-19-00 18:29
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Vanadium(II) is supposed to be a good oxygen scavenger!!Search the net,Vanadium
It's all there sounds simple too,considering V(II)is very successful in splitting H2O!!
    The Researcher
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04-21-00 23:58
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The first reaction forms an ester between the alkanoic acid and the alkanol.  Then you reduce this ester via LiAlH.  The NO2 also gets reduced at the same time by the LiAlH.
Sounds like you also need pressure....


This would be easier:
1)Form the ester
  Whenever an ester is formed, water is also formed as a byproduct.  We need to force this reaction towards making the ester by adding H2SO4(alittle) in order to absorb the H2O

2)Reduce the ester by Festers electro method
(same as ephedrine to meth)
Follow Festers electrochemical reduction of esters using Palladium

    The Researcher
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04-22-00 12:13
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I might have misread C6H5CH2-OH
At first glance I thought it was an alkanoic acid, but now that I look at it ,I'm not sure what it is , or how it was produced.
Probably from toluene.  Toluene-alcohol..hmm.

If you went through all the trouble to produce C6H5CH2-OH, why not make the alkanoic acid instead, and then use Festers electrochemical reduction?

Easy: Oxidize all the way to benzoic acid
Toluene+Potassium Permanganate-->Benzoic acid

04-26-00 07:16
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You could at least explain the reaction mechanism for condensing two alcohols to an alkane...
    Wizard X
04-26-00 12:34
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LAH with the X factor is the is the answer. I've worked it out. Do not ask me to post it, as I don't want it to fall into "Big Brther's" hands.
04-26-00 15:22
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I would think that  mechanism works with free radical coupling, but i can't think of a catalyst that promotes the free radicals in alcohols.

Next off I'm sure that this procedure has statisatical distrubution of mixed coupling products.

As a side note, maybe this mechaism works with the formation of peroxide then decomposition into free radicals... That seems more likely.

Everything in this post is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to facilitate illegal activity.  I've done nothing illegal and nor should you.  In addition to that anything that appears not to have informational value, but instead implies something about my actions or anyone else is fictional and serves only as entertainment value.
If you are in violation of any law by reading this leave now.

04-26-00 21:48
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Did I mention that copper is an excellent coupling catalyst?
04-27-00 04:02
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I don't buy it. You can't couple alcohols like that.
    Wizard X
04-27-00 05:29
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Rhodium: If I explain the mechanism then I would be giving you pretty much how it works and explaining the X factor catalyst role.

Osmium: Yes they do. As I would like to prove you wrong, I'm sorry but to much work went into this.

(Hive Bee)
09-14-01 21:56
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I thought "share and share alike" was the policey here...  Your idea is very interesting and has spured me to research the mechanism on my own.... Come on WizardX just spill the beans. After all it's just for educational shits and giggles. wink

please help us or at least answer our proposals for the mechanism should we chose to investigate it on our own... Hell I love a challenge!

Think about it....

11-01-01 12:06
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How about reconsidering sharing the secret, after all our "monitors" aren't that smart to catch up with this until the METHod is confiscated in several clandestine scenarios!

I dunno, but I been told ... You never slow down, you never grow old!
(Wizard Master)
07-28-02 21:43
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Well, sorry for the delay, but here is some starting info.

You need to get your hands on this jounal reference first.

Jounal of Organic Chemistry, Vol 43 page 3249 (1978)

Read this and look-up the other references sited.

Basically, they coupled 1-Phenylethanol, C6H5CH(-OH)-CH3 with itself.

The 1-Phenylethanol, C6H5CH(-OH)-CH3 is refluxed in a mixture of titanium trichloride, TiCl3, and 0.33 mole equivalent of lithium aluminium hydride, LiAlH4, in a dimethoxyethane, (CH2OMe)2 solvent.

C6H5CH(-OH)-CH3 ==[LiAlH4/TiCl3 - (CH2OMe)2 solvent {reflux}]==>> C6H5-CH(-CH3)-CH(-CH3)-C6H5

Now, we want to couple benzylalcohol, C6H5CH2OH & ethylaminoalcohol, H2N-CH(-OH)-CH3

C6H5CH2OH + H2N-CH(-OH)-CH3 ==>> C6H5CH2CH(-NH2)-CH3 + 2H2O

ethylaminoalcohol, H2N-CH(-OH)-CH3 is made with acetaldehyde, CH3-CHO + ammonia, NH3 at 0-2 oC

The problem in using the [LiAlH4/TiCl3 - (CH2OMe)2 solvent {reflux}] reaction system:

C6H5CH2OH + H2N-CH(-OH)-CH3 ==[LiAlH4/TiCl3 - (CH2OMe)2 solvent {reflux}]==>> C6H5CH2CH(-NH2)-CH3 + 2H2O

is that ethylaminoalcohol, H2N-CH(-OH)-CH3 when heated looses water, H2O to form CH3CH=NH

H2N-CH(-OH)-CH3 ==HEAT==>> CH3CH=NH + H2O

The H2O reacts with the LiAlH4 causing the reaction to FAIL and the ethylaminoalcohol is no-longer present too couple with the benzylalcohol.

What is needed is [LiAlH4/XFactor - ether solvent {25 oC}]

The LiAlH4/XFactor reactions with the benzylalcohol, C6H5CH2OH & ethylaminoalcohol, H2N-CH(-OH)-CH3, reducing of the -OH and forming radicals.
(The mechanism is far more complex as stated above)

C6H5CH2. + H2N-CH.-CH3 ==>> C6H5CH2CH(-NH2)-CH3

Benzylic & sec-radicals are stable long enough to couple together.

Remember, that side-reaction will occur between C6H5CH2. and H2N-CH.-CH3, so the by-products MUST be remove.

Hope this helps. I don't want to post the entire synthesis, because it just makes it easier for the law to see new amphetamine synthesis at the Hive.