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04-04-00 13:14
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Ok, when a synth asks for something, let's just say "Indole" for convienience sake, where the hell does one find this?  I have heard that it can be extracted from shit(literal), but as for ordering it from a chem-hut, are there any legitimate uses for it, or perhaps some alternate names for it...?  Thanks as usual for any and all help... 
04-04-00 17:16
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Yes, they do occur in shit, because they are quite smelly and so function well as scent markers.  They also are used in perfumes; something that smells horrible en masse can smell good in tiny amounts.  Higher plants use indoles for the perfume of their flowers, but indoles are also concentrated in rotting flesh.  They were discovered by a scientist working with indigo, Indigofera tinctoria, a plant dye and a very stinky one.  Tryptophane is an indole derivative.  Indoles are very reactive, according to what I've read. I have wondered if a person could buy natural indigo dye (which is expensive, but certainly no one would suspect why you were buying it) in order to obtain indoles.  No doubt there are easier ways to get it, though.  My knowledge of this group of chems comes mostly from dyes.
    rev drone
04-04-00 20:16
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Indole is a common organic intermediate. I'd be quite surprised if it were watched. Still, there are better starting materials for certain compounds...
04-09-00 20:02
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Clonex rooting hormone>>>Indole
04-09-00 20:25
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There is a company (or possibly more than one company) on the net that sells indole to pretty much anyone (no letterhead required)  .  you just gotta find it.  it's not that hard, really. 
    Cherrie Baby
04-10-00 00:59
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Are you sure that the Clonex rooting hormone is Indole? 1) Indole acetic acid is more likely. I've never heard of indole being used as a rooting hormone. 2) the rooting powder has only a tiny percentage of Indole acetic acid in it.

04-10-00 05:15
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Clonex is indole in a purple gel form. Its much more expensive than the other rooting compounds out there. The cheaper ones contain the indole acetic acid or similar compound. I will be at my local indoor grow store tomorrow,I will check out the label and post back,but I'm almost positive it was just indole.
04-10-00 07:49
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check the web fororchid growing least two sell indole and other straight chems for growing them (NOT cmmmercial formulations)
04-10-00 09:04
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I dont know what clonex (prob a commercial mix) is, but on the one
orchid site they have three lab or perhaps reagent grade indoles for sale.
I dont have need for any of them so I did not take note of their particular characteristics, just that the prices seemed
    rev drone
04-10-00 12:59
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clonex contains 4-(indole-3-yl)-butyric acid, not indole. Still, indole isn't all that difficult to obtain.
04-13-00 23:52
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what about indole-3-carbinol ?

is it possible to change it to
indole-3-aldehyde in a easy way ?

11-20-02 22:01
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Indole can be produced from indigo dye, the route is indigo(+HNO3) >izathine(+Na2S2O4)>dioxindole (+Na,Hg) >oxindole (+Zn, temp.) >indole, but i think it is too expensive and reagents are not easy available. Nitric acid in times when terrorism is so popular.
12-03-02 23:52
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Also, indole acetic acid (IAA) abounds in nature (it's in your spinal fluid too) as a plant regulator or something and can be made into DMT rather easily.

IAA + LAH (or better yet, DIBAL) --> PBr3 --> dimethylamine in an energetically favorable Sn1 reaction at the primary, beta carbon to the indole's #3 position --> dimethyltryptamine (DMT; TiHKAL #6).

DMT, or nigerine, is a 4th dimensional type of drug.

12-04-02 17:34
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      You say in flowers, that is correct, but the q.  Bookmark   

You say in flowers, that is correct, but the q. is in what percent and in whitch flowers.
(Chief Bee)
12-04-02 18:10
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It is also sold in plant shops as a "rooting hormone", so there is unnecessary to extract it yourself.
12-04-02 21:18
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Can IAA, indole be found in any Rooting hormone or the composition of these product varies. I dont know about US but in my country chem. composition of product is not listed on tag (sometimes you can find strange nombers.
Actually I have one of these here and it sais :Product for stimulation of root growth, and alot of other non usable data.
(Chief Bee)
12-04-02 22:12
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      It may vary. Call the manufacturer.  Bookmark   

It may vary. Call the manufacturer.
12-04-02 22:18
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      And Chief, just one thig how to get it pure, ...  Bookmark   

And Chief, just one thig how to get it pure, extraction?
(Hive Addict)
12-05-02 01:02
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even if you can get the compound in decent recovered yeilds, the amount available is small to begin with.  something like 0.5% in CaCO3 as an inert....
12-05-02 01:08
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.....indole be found in any Rooting hormone....
absolutely not. I never heard about Clonex, but in my Country, for example, the most common rooting hormones contain the Na+ salt of NAA-,  alpha-naphtil-acetic acid(notice the structural similarity with etero-auxine, that is to say the natural hormone beta-indole-acetic acid). Another best seller synthetic hormone is beta-naphtoxy-acetic acid.I use plant hormones on fruit & veg, but I never found one containing the indole group as the aromatic part, all of'em contain that bloody naphtyl group. Commercialized by an italo-german firm in liter bottles of solution(expensive as well).
12-05-02 15:48
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From the label of one hydroponics rooting agent.
Contains 0.55 percent Indole-3 Butyric Acid
About 12 grams with perfect extraction from an 8 oz container.

Essential Jasmine Oil % unknown
Alcohol: benzyl acetate benxyl alcohol 
Ester: benzyl benzoate - Ketone: cis-jasmone
Phenol: eugenol 
Ester: indole, methyl anthranilate, methyl jasmonate
nitrogen compounds (>1.5%): methyl anthranilate, indole

From a nutrient supplement capsule $22 per bottle 60 capsules
Indole 3-carbinol 200 mg
Other ingredients: Rice bran, Geletain, Water and Titanium Dioxide

Indigo Dye all Natural $36-50 a pound
I know the dye has been covered but not sure if this price makes this more feasable. Could not find a bulk price on 10 pounds to 1 ton.

Not a chemist I just follow the directions on the box mix
12-07-02 22:16
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      Today, i have read that Jasmine flower contains ...  Bookmark   

Today, i have read that Jasmine flower contains indole, but i think that percentage is very low.
12-09-02 15:15
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      What about yohimbe/yohimbine as an indole source?  Bookmark   

I have been able to find yohimbine extract 8 percent and believe it can be found at up to 20 percent. Yohimbine is an indole alkaloid.

The trunk bark of yohimbe contains up to 6% indole alkaloids, mostly of the yohimbane class, including yohimbine, a-yohimbine, d-yohimbine, allo-yohimbine, coryantheine, etc. plus various isomers and heteroyohimbanes. The best-researched alkaloid is yohimbine (17 a-hydroxy-yohimban-16a-carboxylic acid methyl ester), the leading pharmaceutical drug for impotence.

Yohimbine.HCl [Y1002] 
Description: alpha2-adrenoceptor blocker.
Chemical Formula: C21H26N2O3.HCl
Molecular Weight: M.W. 390.9
Solubility: Soluble in Water (10 mg/ml).
CAS Number: CAS [65-19-0]
Handling: Store in Tightly Sealed Vial.
Storage: Room Temperature.

Trying to find usable indole sources, I do not claim to be a chemist by any means so forgive me if this indole has no use.

Not a chemist I just follow directions on the box mix
12-10-02 14:09
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      It obviously has no use as a precursor.  Bookmark   

It obviously has no use as a precursor.
Like the jasmin oil.