Zeph ( )
04-05-00 06:32
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I placed approx. 30mg of 5-MeO into a pipe, and smoked it, in one toke, without a second thought. An instant later, I was crawled up on my bed (in thefetal position) with my eyes closed, squirming around, screaming (in my head)"Fuck! You killed yourself!" I am scared to death of death. I didn't see anything, while my eyes were shut, except for a bright white light, that which you see after staring at a bright light. The only other "vision" was one in my mind - I came to the realization that my life would be over if I died. This showed me all of my plans would be over. I realized that this was a glimpse into my future, if I died. Iguess I fell asleep, then, but I awoke in bed the next morning, no worse for the wear.
04-05-00 06:57
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Yeah, this shit is cool. Kinda like Ground Hog Day the movie. O yeah you can die from to much Dimethyltryptamine blows out blood vessles in the brain and you have a stroke.
Words of advice, "Don't do it again". Other wise next time you might walk around for weeks to months thinking you killed yourself and are in hell, not fun, trust me.
04-05-00 13:04
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30 mg is too much. I smoked 12 mg, at it seemed strong anyway...
    The Alchemist
04-06-00 05:56
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Having a stroke on DMT?  I've never heard of anyone dying on DMT.  Maybe I'm alone on this. 
Maybe people going loopy about the structure of reality from smoking too much but I've never heard of having a stroke.

I've heard that 5-meo-dmt can be pretty freaky.  Big light flashes with your mind going crazy.  Stick to just DMT.

04-06-00 19:45
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30 mg is way to much.  You should have worked your way up.  Tryptamines are not to be underestimated, they are very powerful drugs and very potient.  Allways try a little first and work your way up to the proper doseage.

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