Methex (Junior Member)
04-11-00 08:07
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I've seen a few posts about DMT alkaloid extraction.

Is the alkaloids the ones to smoke, or do you have to make it an .HCl first.

And last, is the alkaloid extraction really as simple as i've read ?

The one i've choosen says :

Put the crushed rootbarks in water with an acid + a solvent (ether etc.)

Pour the solvent off, and make it basic.

Use a solvent to absorp the alkaloids, the evaporate.

04-11-00 10:01
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      Re: DMT crystal manufacture  Bookmark  This method has worked for a lot of people. There's lots of info about extraction methods on the lycaeum and
    Dick Fitzbetter
04-11-00 13:27
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Yeah, I did that Yoda extraction on an ounce of Mimosa Hostilis rootbark. The resulting orange oily wax was HIGHLY fucking active. Used DCM. Got a nasty emulsion, but the DCM finally settled out nicely after 24+ hours.

Is it possible for lye to cross over into your DCM after you add it to the basified aqueous solution? Reason I ask is because after I smoked my product, my lungs felt SEVERELY torched for a couple days, like I had burned them chemically or something. Mild shortness of breath, etc. I almost went in to see a doctor about it. I felt fine again after a few days, but now I'm wondering what kind of damage I might have done...

I was thinking maybe some lye went into the DCM, and after evaporation, my product was contaminated with it (I didn't do the optional purification steps described in the Yoda extraction).

Anyone know if this is likely or unlikely? I suppose washing the DCM with water before evaporating it would have taken care of any lye... 

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04-12-00 13:32
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Is it because of the availablility problem you don't use TCM, or does DCM work best ?

And by da way, thanks for the useful link 


04-12-00 22:17
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i smoked lye once. that was stupid of me. not on purpose.. well.. kinda.. it didn't hurt me too much.
 still, has anyone found out if the mimosas in upper arkansas to mid MO have good roots for going places (like outer space?) i don't think they are hostilis, but you know.. i can tell my friend (the one who really wants to know) to go dig up a whole fucking tree if you think it'll have even trace amts... nothing like baking your own bread, or do i mean head?
04-13-00 13:22
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NaOH is somewhat souble in DCM, so there definiteley was some in your final DCM layer, before you evaporated it or crystallized it.  Next time, if there is one, get yourself a seperatory funnel.....once you collected your final DCM layer with the goodies in it, put it in the sep funnel, wash it with an equal volume of water, then about a 10% solution of Sodium Bicarbonate, equal volume as well, twice this time, then once again with water.  This procedure should effectively neutralize any and all NaOH left over in your DCM proceed as normal. 
04-14-00 00:18
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DCM = dichloromethane = methylene chloride
04-14-00 04:30
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I would not expect to find NaOH in the DCM phase if you extract DCM with aqueous NaOH solution. Even if so, it is not volatile.

To remove suspended drops of NaOH solution you either have to dry the solution, e.g. with MgSO4, K2CO3, or Na2SO4, or to do a simple washing step with water.