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04-13-00 13:54
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I know very well that LSA will decompose under light, but what about heat? My LSA is floating around in some methanol right now and I really don't want to wait for all that shit to evaporate, it is a pain in the ass. So would it be ok if I dumped the methanol/LSA solution into a pan and boiled it down to evaporate all the methanol from the solution? I can't find ANY freakin refs that say what heat will do to LSA. 
04-13-00 17:19
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Geez! By the time you bees reply, the shit will already be evaporated!!! 
04-13-00 19:55
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Lysergic acid derivatives are not very heat sensitive, they are sensitive to oxygen from the air (which is more destructive at elevated temperatures). That is why professionals would use vacuum evaporation.

Until your substance is solved in methanol it cannot get hotter than 65C (boiling point). The main problem is overheating after evaporation. It is much better to use a hair drier first at medium, later at low temperature.

In general I think UV / oxygen destruction of this class of compounds is a bit overestimatet. It is definately a problem if you store microgram quantities for longer periods on air. But fast evaporation without overheating or handling under room light should not be a real problem for milligram quantities.

04-14-00 03:19
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Let that shit evap on its own, no heat req., or immediately give it to an authority, they know how to properly evaporatr/dispose of it.
04-14-00 05:17
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solvents dry hella fast compared to water. make your surface area bigger. put the shit in a large assed cookie sheet or a couple of them. the thinner the layer of the solvent, the quicker it will go. blow a fan over it with a heater behind it or something.. shouldn't take more than an hour and a half for like less than a cm. of solvent. oh wait.. with methanol you will want to completely dry that shit (ingestion causes blindness). i know that people that aren't me like to use LSA when it is suspended in EtOH.. it's quicker, better, and goddamnit, people just like it. it tastes like shit, but oh well.. so you may want to take your crystals and dissolve in some everclear or vodka. you'll be probably be a little sick anyway after ingestion.. later.