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04-14-00 22:51
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      Bufotenine --> 5meo ?  Bookmark   

Should be easy: Bufotenine + NaOH + CH3I --> NaI + H2O + 5-MeO-DMT.

what do you think ?


04-15-00 02:08
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Yes, but use K2CO3 in acetone instead of NaOH.
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04-15-00 03:35
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Could I use CH3-O-C(=O)-CH3 instead of CH3I ?
And there should be much texts about extractions on DMT-world etc...


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04-15-00 13:52
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Bufotenine is [lately] said to be the main part of the psychotropic stuff in Yopo. These seeds are easily bought.

I've also seen the opinion on the dmt-BB that bufotenine by itself is not that a bad thing as it is always said to be. Any comments on that ?


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04-15-00 21:09
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Bufotenine: seratonin receptor agonist, hallucinogen, definately watched. As are all it's relatives. Wonderful synth, but where are you gonna get this chem from?


04-16-00 00:20
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I have tried the yopo snuff (anadenanthera crushed, roasted) and it was definately high in bufotenine because it was nothing like 5-meo-dmt or n,n-dmt. It gave me a pulsing headache, nausea, weakness in limbs, and an overall discomphort. Not VERY psychedelic, but definately had a tryptamine feel.