Satan2 (Stranger)
03-03-01 13:54
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ive been reading about the cannabinoid receptor in the brain and how our brains contain a naturally produced chemical called anandamide that binds to this receptor.  does anyone think it would be possible to either synthesise anandamide or to come up with another structure that could fit the receptor?
Anandamide is the amide of arachidonic acid and ethanolamine.  arachidonic acid is a 20 carbon fatty acid that "is used commonly as an emulsifying ingredient and products which are typically aimed at soothing rashes such as eczema"
Another thing i'm not sure of is weather anandamide would be active orally.
03-04-01 01:50
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Another thing i'm not sure of is weather anandamide would be active orally.

I'm skeptical about it orally too.  I think I read that an oral THC pill was poorly absorbed orally.  (it's also a lipid sol'y molecule like arachadonic acid)  Post the structure or a link if you have it. 
I think the area of THC replacements is very much understudied. (yeah, I think that about alot of areas)

(Hive Bee)
03-11-01 07:19
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THC is a very unique chemical, there;s not much else like it. THC 1-6 are slightly different chemical, highly diverse pharmacutically. 2 and above are synthetic. THC is a GOOD drug, more research is due.

(Hive Bee)
03-11-01 11:51
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you can say what you want about THC being a good drug, but what's good about it?  sure it makes SOME people happy, but so do a bunch of antidepressants.  this isn't experienced by everyone that takes it though.  some of the other side effects of it are a loss of motivation, increased inhibitions, the inability to function normally while under the influence(or for serious heads the inability to function without it), and a decline in analytical thinking skills.  for an illegal drug, it stays in your system way too long for my tastes.  Being unable to pass a drug test might be one of the reasons why the majority of stoners tend to be unemployed, do stuff under the table, or work manual labor or serving positions.  I know every stoner in the hive will probably want to flame me for what I just said, but most of you have to know it's true.  THC does deserve more research than it has gotten so far.  So do a lot of other chemicals. 

If pacman influenced us, we'd glide around dark rooms eating pills and listen to repetitive music.
(Hive Bee)
03-11-01 15:19
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Cannabinoid receptor ligands are a VERY hot topic right now in medicinal chemistry. I try to keep on top of developements, but there are dozens of articles out every month, and so its difficult. The number of active compounds is huge, and it seems no matter how you generalize it, there seem to be always be a nother family of compounds you overlook.

There was a good review out a few years ago by the NIH or NIDA (can't remember which), which specifically focused on QSAR's. Its one in a series of monographs, so look in your nearest medical library's catalog, and chances are you'll find it (keyword: cannabinoid.)

The ones that really captured my imagination were the bicyclic non-classical cannabinoids with the (1,2-dimethyl)-n-heptane side chain, as opposed to mother nautre's pautry n-pentane compounds - the potency of these is staggering.