racemic (Newbee)
03-05-01 06:56
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Has anyone investigated the viability of the Palladium acetate wacker. I recently found information on this interesting method and it seems alot more friendly to the cland.chem. set. Pd acetate-catalyst, 35% H2O2 oxygen source, GAA as the solvent. Looks like it has an awesome yield and the reagents are much easier to find than formic acid and benzoquinone. Well if no one has tried it give me a few months and maybe I'll have a write up.

(Stonium's Main Man)
03-05-01 10:59
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Doesn't work.
(Hive Bee)
03-05-01 15:39
No 176702
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I've done several tests, including a 100 grams batch with acetic acid, it seems there's some little yield, nothing interesting.