Antoncho (Newbee)
03-07-01 05:55
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hi guys!
Recently i've been strolling through my neiborhood supermarket's planting/gardening section and found out that in  my area you can purchase smth that is best translated into English as "Rootine" and consists solely of Indolylbutyric acid, 5 grams for the cost of a hotdog! Now i fully understand that probably there ain't many bees for whom it is available, but still, is there any practical way to make smth useful from it? They used to sell IAA here before but really expensive and, well, now they don't.
From that point my reasoning went in three following directions: first - will Hoffman rearrangement work on I-butyramide? Does it work on amides only? What happens if you hypochlorinate an acid?
Second - do indolylpropyl/butylamines have any psychoactivities?
And third - maybe someone here knows any other way to "funkilize" this shit? I suppose it won't be easy, but, on the other side, it may open some new routes/technologies to, maybe, some new funny analogues.
So... Any ideas on this one?

P.S. If not DMT, then, maybe,
(Hive Addict)
03-07-01 08:26
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"Second - do indolylpropyl/butylamines have any psychoactivities"
Depends on where that amine is, probably not if it is primary.

Do Your Part To Win The War
03-13-01 00:37
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> Second - do indolylpropyl/butylamines have any psychoactivities
Generally not frown.