whitelightning (Stranger)
03-10-01 17:05
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This the way to get your doctorate, making ergot derivatives.
(Hive Bee)
03-10-01 21:51
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Yep, this is basically the same way DrugPhreak would go about getting his degree too wink. Now tell me Mr. PhD isnít pinching the batch. wink   

Talking about ergot... SWINM has access to ergot that was grown on wheat for a good price. Would it be worthwhile for this anonymous person to buy some or should he/she just get some tried and true rye grown ergot? Would there be much difference in LSA content? 

Society exists by chemical affinity, and not otherwise.
03-15-01 16:41
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I was always under the impression that normal Ergot fungus doesnt really produce enough alkaloids to really worry about. Sandoz screened LOTS of strains to find the ones they used in the synthesis of the LSD alkaloids.

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