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04-24-01 09:51
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I have mixed up iso/dcm/bicarb and stired for two hours then let it sit for 48 hours there is still bicarb undissolved is this supposed to happen or molar excess? Should this be kept in the reaction or not? I could pour off the liquid if nessesary.

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04-25-01 02:10
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Does it say to take it out? part of following directions is understanding the words behind them.
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04-25-01 04:46
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The carbonate will dissolve (actually the CO2 will be displaced by the stronger acid) when adding the acid. You're not supposed to let it stand 48h. Apparently the use of this is to form a buffer (mixture of an weak acid and it's salt, that stabilizes the pH). IMHO its a pretty smart idea to use an acid which just goes away, when in its free form (CO2) smile
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04-25-01 22:27
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Sitting for 48 hrs wont hurt anything,but why?
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