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07-12-01 01:06
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Is there any way to tell if there are pesticides on the morning glory's, will it say on the package?  Also is there a way to remove it so you can eat them and not get sick?
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07-12-01 04:39
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  Woodrose seeds pack more of a punch, so since you'll need less to get the same effect as with morning glories, you'll also be ingesting less insecticide. Here's another way to avoid nausea: Grind the seeds to a fine powder and mix with water. Use this with an enema kit and squirt it up your ass. This really does work! Peace!tongue

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07-12-01 14:30
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Hehehe.. Interesting. Is the dosage the same, or does it need to be adjusted? :)

07-12-01 14:32
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For woodrose seeds I beleive you only need to take 4-6 and need to scrape off the fungus on the outside of the shells before eating them.
(Hive Bee)
07-13-01 06:49
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just grow your own the amount you get back is a lot more than you put in the ground, i have around 50 plants growing which were planted several months ago, and they are thriving, the flowers are about to bloom and there is loads of them! imagine around 10-40 seeds for each flower, laughing into the summer!!!!!!!!! GROW them its easy and no pesticides etc.....wink

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