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07-16-01 19:46
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Someone asked me if I had any patent numbers on making indole from aniline and ethylene glycol after I posted something about it.  I told them I was more interested in phenylhydrazones (ie. see US patent 3790596) and didn't copy any numbers down.  I got curious later and did a search in 548/469 and 548/508.  I started finding some that were issued around 1984 and then did a computer search.  Here's a list.

4436916 4436917 4404063 4443615 4456760 4473698 4474969 4476310 4659841 4727161 4732654 4831158 4937353 5175308

There might be more, but I didn't have time to look.  Some other patents of interest are:

5037845 DMT derivative
4112231 aniline and epoxides
2748178 toluene + ethylene --> n-propylbenzene
2995566 tryptamine via Fisher synthesis
3953442 IT-290 related compounds
3965182 phenol + amine + aluminum nitride --> anilines
2701251 glutamic acid --NaOCl--> --H+--> CHOCH2CH2COOH
make the phenylhydrazone, then Fisher synth to get indole-3-acetic acid

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07-17-01 15:47
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2701251 glutamic acid --NaOCl--> --H+--> CHOCH2CH2COOH

That thing there on the end, it looks like GHB

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07-17-01 15:54
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I meant the aldehyde analog of GHB

"Sorry the edit feature seems to bee down"

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07-18-01 05:15
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All right all right. Also noticed your little feetprints over where it says what you can do with that indole and some more ethylene glycol. You do get around.

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07-18-01 16:25
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I went back to look for more aniline and glycol/diol patents in class 548 on the computer.  It looks like I found about all of the best ones (ie. the ones with preparation of indole in the title).  That computer is really fast now.  On good days it will bring up pages as fast as you can turn a real page.  For the fastest way to see the text (higher numbers) go here: and put in the patent numbers.  OK Halfapint, get out that tube furnace and get to work.  We want a write up ASAP.