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05-12-01 20:31
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I have just made some p-benzo, following SpiceBoy recipe, scaled up by 1.74. I have done this previously with a scale factor of 1.0, everything OK. Now, indeed, in two trys the p-benzo is TOO WET, after filtering it looks like mud. In my previous try, it was reasonably dry ( not totally ) after the filtering, but not muddy like now. One thing, I noticed a slight pink tint in my hydroquinone, is this OK ? Also I have kept it in the fridge for a few months. Should I dry this p-benzo and proceed ? It looks OK, smells OK and also stained my hands, just like before. I can't even weight how much it is, too wet, the weight is too high.
Please, need an answer soon.
05-15-01 14:11
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I would like to ad the following to my previous post :

I just run another try with scale = 1.0, same results. I would say I was very careful, everything seemed OK but again the p-benzo ( right color, smell ) came too wet, I had to use several filter papers to dry it out. The color is pea green. I have previously used exactly the same chemicals, very good results, now this. The p-benzo seems hygroscopic ( ? strange ), first try I have dried it out in a jar with drierite, this time it seems to dry very slowly.

After looking again at my hydroquinone, it looks almost perfectly white, maybe a very fine shade of color, but overall nice white. Indeed, I believe the problem is that the hydroquinone is getting old ( or maybe I should not have stored it in the freezer ).

I need advice, is this stuff good enough for the Wacker ? If it is really more hygroscopic, is this a problem ?

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05-17-01 20:46
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It does not matter that your hydroquinone is old, rumor has it that some 15 year old stuff worked fine.  Busy, rushing, bees have used wet benzo with decent results.  Hygroscopic quinone?

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