snapper (Stranger)
05-14-01 23:31
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I looked around but I cannot find the melting point of dipropyltryptamine freebase.  I have always heard of it described as an oil, yet someone recently described their sample as a tacky, crystalline white-tan solid.  Anyone have that info handy?  The HCl salt has a mp of 174.5-178.

(Hive Bee)
05-15-01 05:28
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I would assume that since tryptamine has a mp around 120 deg. C that the N,N-dipropyl derivative would be slighly higher but I could be wrong.
05-15-01 11:21
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Somone gave me the following info:

DPT is an oil after distillation. Induction of crystallization is very hard and crystallization is slowly.

mp: 40C - 42C (white to light yellow amorphous substance with a skatole-like smell, stored several months at -20C, purified by vacuum distillation)
05-16-01 05:18
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Thanks Lilienthal, I figured you would have the final word.  The MP is right, and the pharmacology is right, so I am assuming that aforementioned acquaintence is indeed in possession of that rare 'crystallized' DPT freebase.  Perhaps refrigeration or freezing combined with prolonged storage?  Who knows!
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