guyincognito (Newbee)
05-15-01 16:13
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The plumbing variety drain cleaner contains sulfuric, but it is discolored - On purpose to screw us or by additives.

My question is :  Can it be used in the MD-p2p hydrolising part in the performic method?

What wouldn't a bee use it for?

What percentage sulfuric would it bee?

Does anyone know what else is in it?

Swim used it in making hcl gas and it worked fine -with a bit more foaming than with pure lab grade sulfuric.

It is so much cheaper and easier to get I just thought everyone would want a clear idea of how good it is too.

oh and would any bee not use muratic in place of lab grade hcl in any instance?  Same questions

thanks in advance everyone
(Hive Elder)
05-15-01 16:57
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It's fine, the only thing I'm not sure about using it for is sulfate salt xtals.  It's fine for making HCl and for the peracid techs trust me it's proven.  SWIM's only ever used muratic(it's that OTC kick SWIM's on) so I'm assuming that it's good for most everything you'd need HCL for unless it contains too much water for some stuff...