caca7566 (Stranger)
07-28-01 22:06
No 199587
      semicarbazide-phenylacteicacid  Bookmark   

I got quite much of a yellow substance consisting of oily powder that easily builds to lumps. It has a sweet amin-odeour, just a little sweeter than good street-amphetamine. It turns white and hardens slightly on exposure to UV. I ran the pure substanse through thermal tests (I dont have access to spectroscopy)and found a large peak indicating a melting at 74-75C. That I belive can be p-Dimethylaminobenzaldehyd (Ehrlich´s reagent). There was also a peak at 148C (could be amph.phospate, but theres no physiological response at all when using the powder). After extraction/recryst. I found a peak at 155-157C - which corresponds to the mp. of semicarbazide-phenylacetaldehyd. Could that be true? The peak was largest in a sample which I had only recrystillized from acetone. Also noticed used HUGE reversible convertions at 234-236C. If my sample partly consists of semicarbazide-phenylacetaldehyd, would it be possible to isolate it, eg. by bisulphite-forming?
Sincererly caca7566