potisgood (Stranger)
08-01-01 08:36
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It seems that either I am completely full of shit, or no one has thought of this approach to MDMA from eugenol before.  The process is identical to many on this site except that it uses the fact that the methylenedioxy ring can be considered an acetal of formaldehyde and DHMA (dihydroxy methamphetamine).  I haven't the slightest clue as how to carry out this acetal formation, but it seems like it is feasible considering that methylal (dimethoxy formaldehyde acetal) is formed easily from formaldehyde and methanol.  In this case, the second alcohol addition is in the same molecule, so it should be faster, and we all know it is irreversible under mild conditions.  Also, I consider converting eugenol to methyl eugenol b/c this compound is almost identical to safrol and the same techniques of amphetamine production should also apply.  Here is an outline of my proposed method:

1) eugenol + CH3Br --> methyl eugenol

2) methyl eugenol --> DMP-2-P (dimethoxy phenyl-2-propanone) via nitrite wacker

3) DMP-2-P --> DMMA (dimethoxy methamphetamine) via nitromethane/Al/Hg reductive amination

4) DMMA + HBr --> DHMA (dihydroxy methamphetamine) occurs in aqueous phase due to amine group - psychokitty's method

5) DHMA + CH2O --> MDMA

If anyone knows if this scheme is at all possible or impossible your input would be appreciated, as well as specifics for any of the steps.  Also, how can I go about researching the last step?
(Chief Bee)
08-01-01 14:24
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Dihydroxymethamphetamine is very easily oxidized to the quinone, which will polymerize with the amine group (and other stuff).

Formaldehyde cannot be used to form methylenedioxy bridges, a dihalomethane must be used. This will also rect with the amine in basic solution.

Your synthesis of DMMA will work though.

(Hive Addict)
08-01-01 14:45
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I think you need to go DMP-2-P to MDP-2-P using the methods you propose for DMMA to MDMA then procede as normal.

Do Your Part To Win The War
08-02-01 01:35
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so psychokitty's method of HMMA (hydroxy methoxy methamphetamine) to MDMA won't work b/c once its demethylated to DHMA it will be oxidized and will polymerize?
(Chief Bee)
08-02-01 02:14
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There is quite a risk for that it happens, and that it will lower yield dramastically. I'm not saying it couldn't work, I'm just talking about possible problems. Perhaps if a reducing environment was somehow attained in the solution (all oxygen degassed from the mixture, perhaps a hydrogen blanket over the mixture), that wouldn't happen. But it is a good idea as suggested above to do the methylenation on the ketone, not the amine. In my opinion it would be even better to demethylate eugenol, and methylenating that to safrole as the first step.

Somebody here who demethylated eugenol reported that the product became dark within minutes after isolation and was too crappy to use the next day. Perhaps it would help to perform the reaction very quickly?