ThirdEye03 (Stranger)
08-15-01 01:24
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Does anyone know...

If a couple of mycelium cakes were blended in orange juice, then allowed to sit for a few days in a refrigerator, would any of the active chemicals be dissolved in the liquid (i.e. would there be anything worthwhile in the o.j. if the nasty particles were strained out - methinks vermiculite is prolly not so good for digestive tracts), or would it have to be consumed as is, particles and all?

I know this is a far cry from an extraction of any kind, but it may be worth a major reduction in potency to avoid having to consume that nasty soil and shit.


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08-15-01 02:11
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I'm not going to ask why you extracted your cake with OJ, but I believe that the active constituents can be found in the liquid you get after filtering. I cannot say if it is good for you to drink it as is without further purification though.
08-15-01 02:19
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To extract cells you have to kill the cells before smile, e.g. by boiling, microwaving, drying, fermenting smile, or very long extraction times.
08-15-01 04:48
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why dont you just let them grow? you have made it past the hardest part... fuck- just let them grow inside the jar... it will increase your psilocybin by 5X at least.....
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08-17-01 21:24
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The vermiculite may have aspestos in it. I wouldn't drink it.

08-17-01 23:45
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Here is a link about vermiculite & asbestos. This should clear up the confution.
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08-18-01 01:40
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I have been told of using cranberry juice, but never tried it.  If cranberry works, OJ would work too.  Now I did try this, and it worked very well numerous times.  Grow out your mushrooms(of course I've never tried that)wink, when the cakes  are almost spent or are fruiting slowly, dry them a little.  Now crumble them up, rehydrate them, and boil them for 15-20 minutes, add a few tea bags and a lot of honey(don't add lemon, it tastes even worse), filter, and drink.  People say that heat destroys sillycybin, but obviously not easily.  It tastes bad and I do not know a threshhold dose for mycelium.  On average, one person would consume about 1/2-3/4 a cake worth of tea.  It worked everytime on multiple people, even though doses varied.  Sometimes it was too strong almost, if that is possible.

psilocybin symbiosis, have hallucinagens influenced the evolution of our culture and religion?
08-24-01 20:25
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I thought that it was only the fruitcakes (the shrooms) that contained psilocybin/psilocin. Are the mycels really capable of synthesizing theese lovely psychotropic compounds?
08-26-01 09:52
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i don't know for sure but, p.cubensis mycelium does
   bruise blue. the only refs that i hav noticed
   don't list the alkoloid content of the mycelium
   remember though you cant realy sparate the mycelium from
   the substrate. well not eficietly any way.
   so you will also be extracting all that other crap.
   it sounds like a whole lot of work. why not just keep
   on growing the little fuckers. mabey even try wild or
   indoore super spawning that gives you a use for your
   old denurished substrate cakes.
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08-27-01 02:29
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Vermiculite does not contain asbestos.

Psilocybe cubensis mycelia do produce psilocybin and psilocin. Psilocybe cells do not produce these compounds in submerged culture, but give them air and a chance to organize themselves a bit, and they will. The mycelia contain about the same concentrations of alkaloids as the fruiting bodies.

Extracting any amount of crap in an A/B setup is just fine, only alkaloids will get through. Just dumping crap in orange juice, in most cases is innocuous, if you can stomach it. Crap containing no toxins nor pathogenic microorganisms is physiologically inert. Raising quibbles seems a popular pastime around here. Just keep on growing the little fuckers, speaking of shrooms not quibbles, if you have the patience, or gobble the mycelia if you haven't.

What's super spawning?

turning science fact into <<science fiction>>
08-27-01 18:43
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super spawning is: active mycelium spawning.
essentially, a set amount of substrate is inoculated and colonized normaly. the fully run substrate is then used
as inoculum to spawn increased amounts of a simular substrate. like pyramid efect shroom growth.
swim uses this method to speed up subsequent crops of
little fungi goodies.
08-27-01 20:47
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A/B extraction doesn't work for psilocybin due to its acidic phosporyloxy group smile