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08-15-01 03:52
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another way to P2P

Letts Nitrile synthesis: ref: chem rev. 42, 264 (1948)

RCOOH + KSCN -heat-> RCN + KHS + CO2

use phenylacetic acid to get it's respective nitrile- or obtain it by other measures. 

now you have the nitrile.

nitrile + MeMgBr --> imine --acid--> P2P 

(Chief Bee)
08-15-01 11:56
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Can R be aromatic as well as aliphatic?
(Hive Addict)
08-15-01 16:36
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that obit hasn't figured out yet, definitely aliphatic, maybe aromatic.  can't seem to find anything other than that one reference.  haven't had time to look up the actual ref yet either.  if somebody would search for some info on it, obit would be greatly appreciative.  (P-Sam, master searcher, please)