SimVilbel (Stranger)
08-16-01 11:26
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I was wondering...does anybody know much about  Baeocystin? I remember a while back reading about p.semilanceata/"Liberty Caps"
 (which contain about .2%) having a little more "kick" than a normal psilo, as well as a tendency to see mushroom caps.. Does anybody have any experience with isolated/synthetic 4-PO/HO-MT? I am interested to know how the effects may differ from 4-PO/HO-DMT.

My second favorite organ.
08-16-01 15:09
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I have no idea about its activity, but I wouldn't expect it to be much different from psilocybin. 

As for the synthesis I would use the following route:

4-AcO-indole __(oxalylchloride, Et2O)__> 4-AcO-indolyl-glyoxyl-chloride
__(methyl-benzyl amine)__> 4-AcO-indolyl-glyoxyl-methyl-benzyl amide
__(LiAlH4, THF)__> 4-OH-methyl-benzyl-tryptamine
__(tetrabenzyl-pyrophosphat, BuLi)__> dibenzyl-phosphoryloxy- / monobenzyl-phosphoryloxy-methyl-benzyl-tryptamine
__(H2, Pd/C, rt, rp, 24 h)__> baeocystin

The yields should be good for every step of this sequence. And I wouldn't attempt the 'Brenneisen' route.

The 4-OH-methyl-benzyl-tryptamine can be acetylated before debenzylation to yield 4-acetoxy-methyl-tryptamine.