Vibrating_Lights (Newbee)
08-18-01 01:22
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      consuming MDMA freebase  Bookmark   

Is it possible to consume the mdma freebase. if so what would be the best way.  Assuming that the oil is already clean. Would the Ph have to be neutrralized with a weak acid(lemon juice) prior to consumtion. Thanks
(Hive Addict)
08-19-01 10:35
No 205856
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  You can put it into a test tube, heat it from the bottom and smoke it to get a monster buzz.tongue

  I'm going to help all of you cleanse this diseased planet.
(Stoni's sexual toy)
08-19-01 12:26
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Not only does it probably taste really bad and will harm your mucous membranes, crystallization of the freebase is also a good way to purify it.
(Hive Bee)
08-20-01 00:44
No 205951
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Smoke it...Smoke it.. A lil goes a long way and it will hit you hard real fast.  It won't last long unless you smoke enough to make up a hit of about 80mg of FB which is a lot to smoke. Its perfect for when you wana do some but don't want to wait for it to kick in or last all night (or maybe you just wanna keep your brain a few more years). Plus you feel like a normal human being afterward (no E-tardation) since you came down before you used up most or all of the presynthisized seratonin in your brain on a 6 hr roll.