juliay63 (Stranger)
08-18-01 08:08
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Help!  Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture, chapter 14, The Ritter Reaction: Amphetamines directly from Allylbenzene.  Have followed instructions to the book but seem to be unable to get mixture to turn black during hydrolysis even after reflux boiling for 36 hours. Fester says this should only take 10 hours, more like ten years I think.  Have tried copper chromite catalyst but although this appears to help it just makes the mixture dark green with a dark oily layer on top.  Any ideas I'm desperate.
(Hive Bee)
08-18-01 10:00
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I guess if the acetyl is formed, it should be hydrolyzed, try to extract and xtallize.
08-18-01 10:04
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Have tried with one batch but xstalls failed to form and was left with an oily layer in the bottom of the flask
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08-18-01 10:06
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Copper chromite??? What do you add that for? And do you really have allylbenzene, or are you trying this reaction with something else?
08-18-01 11:01
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yes we really have allylbenzene, have a mate who works in a chemical plant.  Thought copper chromite was a suitable catalyst for this reaction, willing to try anything at this stage, would add the pet cat if I thought it would help