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08-19-01 20:06
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Barley flour
Brown rice flour
Buckwheat flour
Carob powder flour
Chapatti flour
Corn flour
Gram (chick pea) flour
Millet (Rajgara) flour
Polenta flour
Potato flour
Rice flour, ground
Rye flour
Semolina flour, coarse
Soya flour

Which would make the best substrate for growing P. cubensis?
Which would make the best substrate for growing P. azurescens?

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08-21-01 07:42
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I've had good results with rye flour, but the only other substrates I've used are wheat and rice.

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08-21-01 07:57
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I am obviously not up on the latest techniques; why do people use flour instead of whole grain?
08-21-01 19:16
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I dunno, it depends on the species - flour is usually used for cubensis, grain is used for some others - I'm new to mushroom cultivation :)
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08-22-01 04:46
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Whole grain gets slimy and gummy if you add too much water. Add too little they are little rocks so you either get contamination or nothing. Whole grains are harder to sterilize completely in a short amount of time. The rice mix you just add water till it is damp to the touch and that is that. If you use h2o2 instead of h2o or a mix then you only need to pressure cook for ten to twenty minutes and if something lives it will be destroyed by the peroxide.

Rye, wheat, and brown rice flower is good.. Only as long as they are organically grown and unbleached. Otherwise the fungacides and the absence of certain vital nutrients lost from bleaching will keep the spores from sprouting and maturing.
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08-26-01 03:56
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Rye is the best whole grain bet for inoculation, it is less gluey. With that method you can shake the jar and hasten complete colonization, than dump a bunch of spawn as needed.

Large quantities of spawn are easy by boiling a bunch of corncob animal bedding, dumping the boiling water a couple of times, enclosing in a sterilized container, then, rinsing with 3% peroxide and when cool, inoculating mycelia water, a similar but faster and larger technique.

PF style jars hold their own water suspended in vermiculite in the mix, as someone recently asked, Swim sees no reason why perlite would not be just as effective in the cake mix.

A coffee grinder is needed. fairly fine grade vermiculite is most often what swim has used.

feed mix is 80% organic brown rice, 20% organic ryeberries, both ground to coarse flour, a dusting of oyster shell or limestone. The oracle has sometimes in season added carefully sterilized leaf material, must try phalaris grass for this.

2 parts vermiculite, 1 part the above feed mix, 1 part artesian water, substitute 1 cup for one part and you will fill 6 1/2 pint jars to the thread line, then cap off with clean dry vermiculite as contamination baffle and and seal and sterilize in pressure cooker. Do not over mix (yes, just like good biscuits!) the cake mixture, you want it spongy and almost loose in the jars, then after inoculation when they are about halfway colonized, you will turn them, slap them upside down and gain that air space. Voila, complete colonization in 2 weeks.

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08-26-01 03:58
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I use ground bird seed with brown rice flour. Pretty good combo. Throwing some vermiculite in there is a good idea too.

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08-26-01 09:32
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  use rye grain and malt it to create more starch
  mushies can derive alot of nutrients from the extra starch
  your flush period will last longer.