Mr_Reflux (Stranger)
08-22-01 09:37
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Swim wants to understand the ideal conditions within a pipe bomb for the amination of bromosafrole.
The question is this:
Swim understands the bomb should be stainless steel, small threads, cooked at approx. 130 Celsius for 3-4 hours, no solvent present from previous extraction ( to avoid explosion) BUT SHOULD WATER BE PRESENT inside the bomb? Some references say that the use of 91% isopropanol
Swim has a bottle of isopropanol with no percentage on it, can swim assume that this is 100%/anhydrous – it doesn’t say anything else But real lab stuff. Some method references say just gas the solvent.
Some background for swims question:
Swim wants to produce Methylamine gas by dripping 20% NaOH solution onto Methylamine. HCL crystals and then wanted to gas the isopropanol. How does swim do ones sums? Mols and stoichiometry and concentrations etc. etc. Swim feels the headache beginning again!
To be honest it is DRIVING SWIM F**KING CRAZY! QUITE SIMPLY swim has methylamine gas ( from MeNH2*HCl) , bromosafrole ( 50-100g), S/S pipe bomb, isopropanol (as mentioned above), methanol and a host of other solvents.

In simple language HOW DOES SWIM COOK THIS?
08-22-01 12:21
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definitely look at ../rhodium/chemistry /tcboe/chapter7.html (the halosafrole section), and the associated references. Swin is also close to performing the halosafrole method for bromo->MDA; he's just making sure he gets the numbers right, so the bomb doesn't explode on him.
08-22-01 20:09
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Thanks Omegacircle, would like to know your results BUT still not answered the main question about presence of water and which solvent. The reference has already been noted but these quantities are different from other suggestions swim has read. The method mentioned is for MDA which swim is lead to believe will have a much smaller yield than when using methylamine to produce MDMA. What size bomb are you using? How good is your bromosafrole?
Swim is also worried about that bomb – be careful Omegacircle
(Hive Bee)
08-30-01 17:42
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Did you notice the OTC MDA threat in Chem? ~ I didnt for awhile.
08-30-01 23:06
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Thanks General, Yes swim has indeed been interested in this very long thread – Agent Smiths “OTC MDMA is now easy and cheap!! “ in the chem. forum. Very interesting
The amination of bromosafrole happens in a sealed jar with Ammonia dissolved in methanol ( for MDA) and left for 7 days. Sounds good. Would swim be right in thinking that this could also be refluxed to speed up the process ( or do yields increase also?) and even put into the pipe bomb and complete amination in approx. 3 hours. If it is just a case of speeding things up then the jar has got to be the way to go. Strike mentions that amination is as much a reaction of opportunity as is of brute force. Strike also mentions 40% aqueous methylamine OR alcoholic methylamine. Can swim assume that is does NOT matter if WATER is present or not?