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08-25-01 02:46
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If they have been, it couldnt bee that hard to insert the drug making gene into yeast or bacteria cells would it? 

If I understand right, the hard part is finding that gene in the first place,not the insertion~true?

Assuming they havent been decoded, how long would it take for someone with a late model used sequencer to sort out the genome of coca, ephedra, or opium (whichever is the easiest)  How much do sequencers in general cost to buy and then operate? 

It seems brewing cocaine or morphine in yeast in your cupboard would be the quickest way to end this sick fucking drug war and free everyones mind and in the people in cages, huh? 

Am I off the mark to suggest once the genome for either cocaine, opium or ephedra is deciphered and published the whole show is over for the rats in the DEA?tongue
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08-26-01 09:51
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Here's a nice list of plant genomes I found on the web.

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08-28-01 00:58
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OH!  Yous seems so uninterested no one will even answer questions of basic science as a tiny, nice liitle reprieve for those of uneducated dumbfucks living in dirt shacks without computers!  Well!

Well, even worse it seems no, they aint been deciphered.  Just still wundering though; all those fancy neet tricks them been dooing, like that tabbacky glowing all green, and pigs making insulin (the nice ones, not the costumed kind), and all that stuff, did they have to do all that disipring crap and all that first before making their new transgenic um species or animals or somin?  I mean why does that tobaco glow green, b/c two species, or, one species, had their genomes deciphered, or for some other reason thats a question of basic science that someone will please answer?!crazy
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08-28-01 01:09
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And for my 2 or 3 fans, here's something close to what I want you might want to print out in case your heroin (or for that matter coke, etc) dealer ever takes you to the supergreedy BIG MAN, whos well stuffed greedy pockets and your persuasion might allow him to fund your science skills intyo producing a result allowing him to take out his Big Man:
(PS Bee sure and smuggle some out, move very far, and sell your culture and video of how you did it to the whole world (after making oh, a nice little profit yourself))

WHOOPS!  Cant post link, info in next post . . .
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08-28-01 01:15
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Post 45924 (CHEM_GUY: "Re: Ascaris Suum (Morphine)", General Discourse)
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08-28-01 01:25
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And this link
Post 51027 (Mr_Smith: "Re: Not insects!  Trees!", Novel Discourse)is pretty similar to what I am trying to get at here, but is more about the end product rather than endogenous production of the chemical from scratch!

Nowe heres a question about Mr Smith's post, #28261, where he says conceivably yeast could be cultured in sassy oil (pure safrole please) of a very dilute nature where by chance, one might bee created that survives by detoxyfying the environment by perhaps (hopefully!laugh) animation to make an MDA yeast

Well, I dont live in the right area, but could someone test and see if sassy branches and/or sassy leaves rot while still bitter?  If I remember right, the leaves become tasteless shortly after picking, but the twigs?  If they do, could this bee a good place to start for Mr Smith's culture?  If they rot with safrole still in,

~would they all rot the same way, or would rotting occur differently, allowing the possibilty some rotting occuring forests is MDA production?shocked
And oh, if not sassy, any of the Florida plants (ie camphor trees) in an ingenious post by the ingenious Half-a-Pint in a post in Aquisition?
08-29-01 16:41
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You are right, the hardest part of making a cocaine/opium yeast would be isolating the gene and inserting into a plasmid, the actual insertion into a bacterium is almost trivial, it is done in highschool biology classes all the time.
As for sequencers, lol, don't even ask, just think HELLA EXPENSIVE. but thankfully, they are not part of the procedure, you don't need to sequence a gene to trans-plant it.

The basic sequence it this: Pulverise plant matter(leaves for coca), and do an extraction of RNA, most likely by centrifuge, use reverse transcriptase to convert the RNA back to the DNA, amplify the volume of DNA via one of many routes, use restriction enzymes to insert the DNA into a plasmid, use one of many neat tricks to insert it into yeast or bacteria, then use more neat tricks to isolate the bacteria/yeast that are expressing the wanted trait.

It sounds straight forward, and for the most part, it is. but it requires all sorts of expensive stuff, and very good/clean lab technique, which puts it out of the reach of most people. but remember, all we need it for one person to do it!!
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09-20-01 03:58
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I think we are greatly underestimating the potential of what Lem2 is talking of!!!

Heard the other nite Russians are breaking into biochem labs built for biowar and stealing chems ~ they buil tons of huge labs for this in the USSR days.  In short, those people are beaten down, broke, starving, yet have the remnanats or basis for a high-tech economy.  IOW,
they may bee the perfect people for this mission!!laughlaughlaugh

The DEA stands on two legs as dar as I knowL  interidiction of morphine (heroin) and cocaine.  Stamping out pot smugglers or homegrowers, LSD labs, even X and meth labs is small potatoes, my friends!!  If everyone had a strain each of coca and morphine yeast growing in their cupboards, i dont think they could keep everyone in prison for sych crimes ~ [green]thus the collapse of the fuckin prison system and DEA!!!wink

So:  how about this, someone tell me how to set up a free, anonymous website.  Teh anyone interrested can help me get all the basic science put in simple english with refs there, and maybe, if we are lucky get a genuine professor at a univesity to help moderate/help.

That way the attack is begun:

Those interested have something to do, and more important, we can hit:  drug supply chains to the top where the money is at;  grad students with full access to (prayfully) gov subsidized labs;  Russians and other foreigners, etc, etc. 

So please post or PM!!!
09-20-01 05:13
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First of all, figure out the pathways or a proposed pathway.  Locate accessable intermediates which could be used to supplement media if the pathway is lengthy, thus reducing the number of genes needed.  Search GENbank, or the NCBI and see what you come up with, even if it means enzymes performing the same function in alternate organisms.  If there are multiple versions of an enzyme in multiple organisms, use log P analysis to locate a highly conserved flanking sequence within the genes (non-coding portions will not be).  Depending on what you turn up here, the next part will be hard or easy.  At it's hardest, with no pathway elucidated, and with possibly multiple genes on multiple chromosome, one might have to perform sequential knockouts of large domains, followed by chemical analysis to piece together which steps in the pathways were being eliminated.  With the pathway elucidated, one would then prepare a cosmid library across the entire genome.  Once cosmids of intrest were located (microarray) they could be subjected to RFM, and plasmids formed subsequently containing smaller inserts would then be tested for donating the desired enzymatic step. Once a relatively small segemnt is known it could be sequenced and the analysis used to perform PCR which would isolate only the coding region.  The coding region would then be inserted into a suitable vector keyed towards induced or over-expression.  Assuming the gene does not exhibit extreme tRNA preference anti to that of that expression system, you'd be good to go.  Otherwise you might have to custom engineer a same sense version of the gene.  Once the expression system is initiated, process fermentation optimization would then need to be performed.  Genome sequencing has nothing to do with making corn that has psilocin or THC in it, or tobacco laden coke, if a specific target is known, you go about it this way, which is far faster and cheaper than some collosal genomics project.
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09-20-01 06:23
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So:  how about this, someone tell me how to set up a free, anonymous website.  Teh anyone interrested can help me get all the basic science put in simple english with refs there, and maybe, if we are lucky get a genuine professor at a univesity to help moderate/help.

I have heard that medical students/doctors are frequently (responsible) drug users.  I often wonder if science professors are the same?

But back to cocaine...since the genomes for coca or opium haven't been deciphered, you're better off pursuing other natural products.
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10-06-01 00:48
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KrZ:  whoa!! Thanks for your interest, true genius always appreciated!!  I'll have to take some time to evaluate, maybe read up on some basic science . . .

Quicksilver: is your comment inferred from KrZ's post, or a misunderstanding of Lem2's ~ Lem2 inferred its not necessary to decipher the genomes 1st, tobacco glows green and pigs (the nice kind) make insulin w/o deciphering . . .
Oj yes, KrZ (this is an EDIT) sez same, or again, are you saying that since you believe no "pathway" is known?

What is a "pathway" anyways ~ knowing that simple defintion could help me ummeasurably . . .

Another thing to consider here is the ~ zip w/ coke/morphine (these arent personal prefs mind you, just the lynchpins holding all Nazi budgets, cages of people, and all drugs in prohibition) since doing what I propose are felonious acts, although they must be done by rational freedom seekeres everywhere, whether they are drug using scientists or not . . .

But certainly untold pounds of CAT and Meth in circulation would cause some hell, so I'll see if I can work up the funding from some Vitamin manufacturers for "Free Ephedrine From Yeast", or let someone else GLADLY do the honors, however they may want . . .:
Post 220397 (malvaxman: "EARN YOUR MONEY HONESTLY!!!!!", Chemistry Discourse)smilesmilelaughlaughcoolcool
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10-06-01 02:13
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DAMN!!  Never even saw this gem: Post 199197 (Jacked: "Biosynth: Homebrewing Ephedrine", Serious Chemistry)
Seems a lot closer to what we need, or, on the other hand, directly prevents what my aim is by eliminating a potential source of funding and basic science. cool or mad, thats the way reality is huh?  Shiii...
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11-16-01 03:28
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I just thought I'd print this private response from quicksilver nto preserve it for its inevitible deletion: (its good info):

Pardon any lack of coherency here, I just woke up and didn't even know what day it was.   Whoa.  Now that's some seriously deep sleep.

About the glowing might have been luciferase from a firefly.  I believe it catalyzes a chemical reaction and the product chemical glows.  (in the case of the jellyfish, the protein itself glows, and is called 'green fluorescent protein')  I believe I read that most recently in the NY times science section???

But back to what we were talking, you don't necessarily need to sequence the entire genome to find a couple of genes.  I read one of the papers KrZ posted from the 1970's on psilocin biosynth.  They try to understand what the precursor chemicals are, and then decide what kind of enzymatic protein could make that reaction occur.  In other words, if they know you start with an indole and next comes a hydroxy-indole, you are looking for an indole hydroxylase protein/gene. Now you can look for similar hydoxylases in human, mouse, whatever, and use it to get the mushroom hydroxylase. 
Since we don't know the precursor chemicals, this gets tough for cocaine.  Even if we sequenced the coca genome, what would we look for?  I looked up the chemical name for cocaine. (it's a "tropane")  Perhaps if we had the genome we would look for enzymes that syth tropane first.  This kind of question is way out of my league to be throwing out ideas for though.

Regardless, all biosyth need one common thing other than the genes.  A biological organism to express the genes and produce the compound.  There is no one best organism.  KrZ says human cells would be bad.  I think yeast would be ideal as it is a close relative of mushrooms.  Plus people work with yeast all the time when making alcohol.  Very OTC.  Also very commonly used in the lab I found.   Start small.  DMT or psilocin would be much easier.  It would allow you to aquire all the common elements needed.  Then move to something more difficult. (like cocaine) 
If you work at a school or university or science company, this could easily be done.  I've had such conversations with someone in that position who just doesn't see the importance of this becuase he doesn't like anything that isn't meth.  If he would only realize what he could contribute!!

To quote Rhodium: Post 27889 (Rhodium: "Re: Not insects!  Trees!", Novel Discourse) This is the way of the future!!