lunatic_asylum (Stranger)
08-26-01 07:32
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      solvent for Friedel-Craft?  Bookmark   

Does anybody knows a solvent for Friedel-Craft. I think Nitrobenzene should work, but if there is a less poison one I would be very lucky. I have read in an article that they used Diethylether?! I think the etherstructure would be destroyed through the aluminium chloride. Wouldn´t it?!
(Chief Bee)
08-26-01 10:54
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Osmium says that dichloromethane would work. Otherwise, inert hydrocarbons (like pet ether) should work I think.
(Hive Addict)
08-26-01 11:44
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you would only have to use more of the lewis acid because it would form complexes with the ethers/other electron donators.  but it shouldn't actually hurt the yeilds a whole lot if any.