abc123 (Newbee)
08-29-01 02:47
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      has any one thought of reacting MDP2P w/ tryptamin  Bookmark   

I've searched long and hard in the world of reference and wonder if anyone has ever reacted a primary tryptamine with any subustuited phenylacetone. Some one told me they had a dream where they thought about reductive amaination with either plain Tryptamine or Mexamine (made from hydrolysis of melotonin) with plain old MDP2P. Mabe something like this could be done with either NaCNBH3 refluxed in methanol, perhaps with a 4:1 amine to ketone molar ratio. Or perhaps any old Hg/Al recepie would do.... However care should be taken that good technique is used in both catalyst preparation and clean up as Hg is nasty shit. SOWINM will continue to search every damm organic sysntehis and NueroPharm journal ad nasium... Who knows mabe some body has done this on their own and have discovered this possiable True Soma( but then again who knows what the fuck it would be doing inside your head biochemicaly)...... The SAR( Structural Activity Relationship) is there to effect not only serotonin but other catachloamines as well..

Please help me out if anyone knows about this hazey aera of chemistry... I would appreciate what you have to say.wink

Yours in thought,

(Hive Bee)
08-29-01 07:15
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      Re: has any one thought of reacting MDP2P w/ tryptamin  Bookmark   

I have thought about it, but the amination requires those damn metal hydrides.  To find a procedure just look at Rhodium's page under amination of tryptamines...
08-29-01 11:09
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See US 2908691 (1958) = CA 56, 3455 1962 and GB 861428 (1958) = CA 58, 12516 (1963) for the 3,4-dimethoxies.
But remember: ketones + tryptamines __> beta-carbolines
(Hive Addict)
08-29-01 15:21
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      Re: has any one thought of reacting MDP2P w/ trypt  Bookmark   

React MDA/mdma with Indoleacetaldehyde, that might be interesting.  Should hit a receptor or two.

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