sunlight (Hive Bee)
08-29-01 14:53
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This is the story of a ketone that actually has 3 years old. It was very pure, analyzed 98.2 %, and it was stored in the freezer during the last 3 years.
We opened the bottle and saw that it has the same aspect of the first day, pale yellow, the same smell etc... A test with 10 grams has been done with methanolic MeNH2 and NaBH4 (LabTops' way), caring all the time to do the things the best possible in order to get a definive conclusion, and removing the silica gel after reaction (not before adding the NaBH4) and yield has been at least 91 %. So our conclusion is that ketone is exactly as the first day, no degradation at all. It seems that it could be stored all time we desire.
In other hand, other brownish ketone 92-94 % pure (estimation based in NaBH4 yields) was stored 2 years in the freezer and used with not lost at all.
Very good news, don't think so ?

BTW, we are working in the MDA way, seeing if we get the same 60 % we got time away with the TSII proportions am acetate:ketone with NaBH4. I'll tell you.
(Hive Elder)
08-29-01 18:26
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Have you yet tried the NaBH4 with NH3 gas...?  I think this one has not yet been tested...  Good to hear from you again... wink

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08-29-01 18:36
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Why in the hell would you need to store ketone that long?  That would make me nervous having a class one precursor sitting in my fridge for 3 years.
Trust me, if I had even just 10g of MD-P2P sitting around, it would have been aminated before you could say "MDMA".
(Hive Bee)
08-29-01 19:43
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I forgot to say that the end product was TLC compared to other samples giving the same elegant unique spot and mp was in the right range, so honey.
People said that ammonia doesn't work well. Even am acetate doesn't give more than 30 % or so, but I got a 60 % in a first test, something dark about it. I don't beleive product was so contaminated, a 50 % of other salts, so it is something to clarify.
Why store so much time ketone ? Mmm, thinking in future, that's all. There's for me a place to work, not big production, but enough to sweet your life in different ways. You work, you stop. Calm is better.