demorol (Stranger)
08-30-01 10:25
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Since safrole is hard to get, I'm going to try to synthesize it. I have read that synth on Rhodium's site written by Psycho Chemist. Has anyone ever tried this synth? Any comments, suggestions and experiences are appreciated.
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(Chief Bee)
08-30-01 10:29
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I se no flaws at all with that synth, and Psycho Chemist's writeups has always been of very high quality.

R.I.P. Psycho Chemist.
08-30-01 10:44
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I understand that. But it just seemed a little bit too complicated for use outside special laboratory. It requires some special chemicals.

Why R.I.P.? Is he dead or got busted?
Give me some chemicals and I'll give you pleasure
(Chief Bee)
08-30-01 12:31
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He is unfortunately dead. One day I just recieved a reply from his university department in Germany that he unfortunately could not reply himself, because he was deceased. It happened very suddenly (he was alive and well a few weeks earlier, so it must have been an accident or acute illness of some sort).
08-30-01 20:33
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Which way? There's the piperonyl chloride-Piperonal-Isosafrole or the 4-bromo 1,2 methylenedioxybenzene-safrole route. One maybe longer than the other but more OTC.

Maybe take a walk on the riskay side with a bit of Piperonyl magnesium chloride reacted with methylamine/acetaldehyde imine. I see no reason why it should only work for meth and not for MDMA.

I'm sorry to hear about Psycho may his work continue to inspire.