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08-30-01 17:41
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If SWIF has a theretical huge set up for producing large amts of NH3, and either an empty cylinder, or a buch of little fire extinguishers, is their a thertical way to fill these?

And #2, can she crack open a little fire extinguisher and pour out liquid NH3 just like a big one, or would only gas come out?
09-08-01 12:11
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    Suggest using a propane tank...strong enough for ammonia, shit cheap and not suspicious at all.  Open the valve (let out any propane outdoors) and then screw the valve out (it's just threaded, like a big bolt.)   Prep your liquid ammonia (suggest condensing it on dry ice) and pour the ammonia in (do NOT completely fill the tank) and make damn sure there's no dry ice left in it before screwing the valve back in.  Close valve, you're set.   Yes, it'll come out liquid, but there'll be plenty of gas too so be careful.   If you closed the valve with some dry ice still in the tank be prepared for something Very Bad to happen.)   Industially the liquid NH3 is pumped into the smaller tanks (which themselves are often left open during filling to keep them from pressurizing and slowing the transfer.)   Happy cooking, and treat this shit with deep respect--Bob has seen ammonia burn patients come through the ward and it ain't pretty--severe chemical burns over large areas of skin.)

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09-08-01 14:55
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Gen-Theoretically speaking there should be copiuous quantities of written material covering this in the FSE. Use stainless steel valves for best results or black iron (gas line materal) for satisfactory results of shorter duartion. In tanks constructed specifically for NH3 there is a tube that leads from the valve to the bottom of the tank. This tube assures a liquid flow until the tank is empty. With makeshift tanks the need for this apparatus may be bypassed by simply turning the tank upside down. The first time my dumbass brother-in-law rigged up one of these babies he just couldn't wait to show me how cool he was. Instead of filling up a small container then transferring the liquid to the reaction flask (as I instructed) he just turned the tank sideways and opened the valve right into my jar of recently extracted pillstock. Needless to say my pretty crystalline white pseudo was blown all over the porch.

Son of a bitch, will ya look at that!
09-11-01 23:44
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Q: How are NH3 cylinders filled?
A: Very Carefully.

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