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09-01-01 09:30
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Hi everyone. I have yet another hairbrain idea question that Im sure has been thought of b4 but hey, you never know...

I know there has been talk of taking 3,4 Methylenedioxy-1-Bromobenzene and making a Grignard adduct from it with Magnesium, then reacting this with 1-Bromoacetone to produce MDP-2Pdirectly.

I am wondering...If one could react the MDP-Br mentioned above, WITHOUT making the grignard, directly with acetone in the presence of a weak base, like sodium carbonate or acetate maybe. I would hope it would proceed like thus:

The Br attacks a hydrogen on the acetone, producing HBr and MDP-2P. There are only two "sets" of hydrogens for it to attack anyway: either of the methyl groups at position 1 or 3 of acetone, and obviously its symmetrical, and either will produce the same product. (MDP-2P)

Now I know that HBr has a tendency to really mess with the methylenedioxy ring, thats what the weak base is for, to neutralize the acid, but not a strong base like NaOH because you dont wanna risk it reacting directly with the MDP-Br to produce a phenol.

I just wonder if this little shortcut could be taken or will it spell utter disaster and a polymerized goop in the flask? Any and all thoughts on the subject are much appreciated. And btw, if anyone is wondering, I will answer in advance: YES, I AM trying to cut a corner in this synthesis, to NOT have to make the grignard or the Bromoacetone derivative would be wonderful. This would simplify a already known reaction, making it more valuable. Anyway, enough of my rambling and on with the discussion! Thanx again.

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09-01-01 17:46
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../rhodium/chemistry /enolate.html might be of interest. See Post 122752 (dormouse: "what happened to my enolate review?! -drone 342", Serious Chemistry) and Post 122757 (dormouse: "Birch simplification: further musings on magnesium  -drone342", Serious Chemistry) for more ideas on the subject.

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09-01-01 21:59
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Thank you. I had looked at that enolate synth many a time b4 but I completely forgot about it this time. Man, Drone and OP are into some serious heavy shit! tongue But thats really cool. To be honest, I was actually hoping for just a simple, dirty free radical coupling between benzene radical and acetone radical, making the P-2P derivative. The radicals would be produced from HBr elimination between the starting reagents. (Bromobenzene and Acetone.) I know thats a rather dirty and problem prone mechanism, but hey! You can't ask for anyhing simpler. wink Just heat and pray for product instead of goop...Thanx again, I really appreciate your unput.

Of COURSE we don't know what we're doing! That's why it's called research!  (boom...)     :)
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09-02-01 02:34
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There won't be any reaction at all.
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09-02-01 02:40
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Due to what?  Why won't this work?  SOmething to do with the MDP-Br?

The acetone enolate will form, the DMSO will promote the benzyme formation.

Please explain yourself.
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09-04-01 07:40
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Better I think to take your MDP-Br, make the aryl Lithium via low temp halogen-metal-exchange, and add that to propylene oxide, with a dash of a Cu reagent present, to make the alcohol, then oxidize to the ketone with say, Swern conditions. Or make the mesylate, and displace with MeAm.
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09-04-01 11:47
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Is the lithium exchange that favorable to making the grignard and reacting that with propylene oxide, so that it warrants the use of dry ice and expensive/pyrophoric BuLi?
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09-06-01 01:54
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Os/Rhod? Which reaction won't work? "There wont be any reaction at all." The enolate, or the proposed process? I assume the enolate P2P synth works, or it wouldnt be on Rhodiums page. As for the proposed reaction, why wont it work? Please tell me, as I am very interested in your opinions and knowledge. Thank you, and I am always willing to learn.

Have fun and stay free everyone.

Of COURSE we don't know what we're doing! That's why it's called research!  (boom...)     :)