UTFSE (Stranger)
09-04-01 11:16
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the thread from long ago has disappeared  so would someone be so kind as to repost the info about stipa robusta.

specifically which pharmaceutical company did research and when about using the lsa contained the plant.

any refs as to the companies published research results would also be helpful.

always appreciate your time and consideration
(Chief Bee)
09-04-01 12:16
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http://www.erowid.org/plants/stipa/stipa.shtml is perhaps a starting point?
09-05-01 12:37
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thanks---- but been there done that --  looking for data more along the lines of:

1- which pharmaceutical company did the research (1950's) into stipa robusta (vaseyi)?

2- what did they find out

3- what kind of lsa content does stipa contain

4- is this a local or universal contents

5- perhaps a procedural extraction   etc   etc

I have found out about all the government knows through technical bulletin no. 114 by the
Department of Agriculture. I have read several taxanomy and descriptive accounts. I have read
Clay's (Discover 1993) article.  "Oh Wilbur!"... horses et al sleeping under seemingly narcotic
conditions after ingesting the plant.

BUT I still don't have the stuff I need.

The lsa content is quoted by Clay as higher than anything else.

Ohwell. Perhaps an inspired research direction from some so directioned bee.

always appreciate your time and consideration