shmoopy (Stranger)
09-04-01 23:29
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I've been down.. Ohhhhhh So Long ....Staring at these pris...NO! We wont go there...
Ok here it is: I've been hearing for the last year from diferent people that they go into Feed Stores,like for farm animals, and buy 50lb salt blocks and extract like 2-5 lbs of ephedrine from each block. I also had someone tell me that some blocks have I in them. Now I've searched all over the hive and I have came up with nothing. Does anyone have any ideas? Oh and if your idea is for me to search some more, Than could you point me in the right direction? Maybe my wording is incorrect or somethin'
                              Thanx Bee Safe,
09-04-01 23:42
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Oh yeah..Some people caled them "medicated" salt licks?
(Hive Bee)
09-05-01 01:53
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I dont know much about the subject but i do know that salt licks are used to divert KI or NaI which can the be used in your thoughts

sorry if that didnt help...I never even seen a normal salt lick? (or salt block)

and if you have a runny nose and need an antihistamine....go to any pharmacy and ask them to order you 2 bottles of 60mg pseudophed...thats 12 grams...if that makes you drowsy..see your doctor because I hear they have these antihistamines that are non-drowsy..claritin..but the non-drowsy ones are all by prescription
thats either total stupidity or a big fat bribe   oh yeah and I heard that they tried (most of you probally know this) to make pseudoephedrine a controlled substance but that was shot to peices probally because if it passed...ALL Americans would realize what the drug war truelly was ==> a long lost unconstitutional civil war (England is better of than us now days)on ones own family and freinds creating slave labor, fueling our economy and getting pigs raises

and I think the DEA is using our dreams for one reason only...they are using our iminaginations as an indespensible tool for them ...its used to increase there budget by scaring the "law people" by making them beleive that theres over 4000 people that dont bow down and there killing ALL the children of America...THEY ARE USING US ...they have to be....why else would they "LET" us express free speech...its not like they obey the law....even if everyones' dreams were a reality (but there not)..........the DEA deviates further from the original constitution than could any of us on our BEST day!

sorry about the ramble but were being USED by a bunch of constitution breakers who say there doing the wright thing....ha ha

dont get me wrong I love our country and will die for it but they should love and respect their citizens and end this wicht-hunt of a civil-war and give us dreamers a fuc*ing break

(Hive Bee)
09-05-01 03:59
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It depends, there has been some debate on the nature of these blocks.  If youre getting 50 blocks, it might just be rock salt, for water softeners; many farmers I know use plain old rock salt, and it might be sold at feed stores.

However, I think it's resonable to assume that if the salt blocks are indeed specially intended to be animal salt licks, rather than just creatively used rocksalt, then they will most likely contain a small, very small, percentage of NaI or KI.  Of course, good old human table salt contains the same deal, since iodine is neccesary to prevent some kind of funky brain condition.

I've never heard of epherdrine being in these blocks.  It's likely that that rumor spawn from some idiot on a.d.c seeing that iodine was available in them, and then made a dumbass post like "you can get chemicals to make meth form salt licks"... then another a.d.c idiot took up the torch and said "you can get epherdirne from salt licks" etc etc etc...

blah blah blah something clever blah blah blah
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09-05-01 07:05
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Swim has sought such E-block through connections, though  not vets, at a local animal husbandry and Vet science institution known worldwide. No such block has been found by these connections, who are awfully helpful usually.  Talk of this block went around the hive some time ago, and the conclusion was that there was, or might have been, a block called w*********k, usually found in colder climes, and that some old block might still be out there.

Swim cannot imagine that vet catalogs, and equine and bovine supply houses would not list it if it existed, presently. Is this a rural version of the urban myth?

Maybee a better websearcher than swim can find out, his search has been completely negative, for any mention of such, except sometimes in legend, and here.

Beeginning strongly to suspect the biker groups who held the trade for so long May have told some tall tales. Otherwise why several such legends of acquisition and synthesis, spread so widely in time and space, and so coherent otherwise?

"..Now the DEA's got a chopper in the air, and I wake up screamin like I'm back over there.."
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09-05-01 07:16
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some criminals go into feed stores to by a gallon or pint 7% solution of iodine tincture (I heard that even major chain pharmacies can order this). from this they get iodine. these criminals may also get KI or NaI from a salt lick (not ephed) but it is definetly not worth it because the tincture is sooo easy and it is already elemental after the procedure is over. but i dont know the consistency of these licks
 go to

this shows how the crooks get there iodine and make there dope (why would somebody want to put "bad things" in themselves?)

like I said earlier if you need an antihistamine (pseudophed) go to any pharmacy and ask them to order you some...not the 30 mg tabs OTC but they could get 60MG tabs behind the counter but they are still OTC..there cheaper that way and your family's Dr said there the goods

I am preety sure that they wouldnt sneak antihistamines into a salt lick to help an animals congestion...and why the hell would someone go through the trouble of laboriously extracting ephed from a 50lb block of doesnt happen...all they have to do is go to almost any store and buy or order pseudo-ephedrine not plain ephedrine because that  has a cmpd(s) that is hard to get rid of...and it is pure-pure-pure bullshit that ephed makes a better drug than does pseudo! does because the only diffence in the two is the chirality of that OH and that hydroxyl is going to be reduced to an H either way...ephed is only better at one thing: it does clear ones sinuses better per gram than does pseudo

hey schmoopy any questions..just ask and I will be glad to help but I dont know much about salt licks

If you know the routines of these could find them and make a citizens arrest


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09-05-01 21:07
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Hey shmoopy seems as though alota bs talk goes on inside the pen in regards to salt blocks and chicken feed eh?

"I always tell the truth, even when I lie"
                                         Tony Montana
05-25-02 13:38
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Youre looking in the wrong direction for the wrong for the wrong substance try looking for BREEDER blocks for Animal Husbandry there out there just very expensive and hard to find, the DEA have all of the Farmer type SHEEPLE nelieving that those who tend to self medicate at extremely reduced cost's are the most evil things walking the face of the earth so if they don't know you they won't talk to you... And they do contain 23-32% pheseudoephedrine
(Hive Bee)
05-27-02 05:18
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bullshit. bullshit bullshit.
heres why:
1.salt blocks cost between 8-13 bucks canadian. bulk epehdrine is in the high hundreds to thousands of dollars per kg.
2. the primary interest for a cattle or dairy farmer is to  keep the animals well fed and stress free. pretty much the exact opposite of what will happen if you introduce ephedrine.
this salt block bs is bs.
breeder blocks my hairy testicles.
swik works at a farm supply store. there are pamphlets lying around from salt block companies. the tastiest thing in them is selenium. yum. 

(Hive Bee)
05-27-02 05:36
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BREEDER blocks for Animal Husbandry

 The second biggest lie in the joint. Ya wanna hear the first?laughlaughlaughtonguetongue

Meth, it does a body good
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05-27-02 09:03
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my friend Im surprized Rhodium has'nt answered that question for you already....

  "Hey don't expect me to know everything"