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09-05-01 21:25
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Do anyu of you ever wonder how it could be possible to not fill your work space with hcl gas when gassing with your getto setup.  Swim was very bothered that a large majority of the gas he spent his time to make was simply going into his lungs.  He began to ponder how he could use less gas and utilize all of it.
 Put dry oil in dry solvent in a, half full, mason jar.
swim sets up his gassing apparatus as follows. Glass liquor bottle with a tube extendingto the top of a 20oz plastic bottle which is filled with dry MgSO4. a tube extends from the bottom of the bottle. 
Add the H2SO4 to the salt in the liquor bottle and close the top.  when you see that gas is coming out put the exit tube into the the mason jar but not down into the solvent/oil. and pulsate the drying bottle with your hand this will quickly fill the jar with gas.  keep the tube close to the liquid but not touching( this will keep youi from sucking any oil into the tube). the jar should fill up with gas but do not over fill it(  this would defeat the whole purpose of the method.  when it is nearly full put the top on the jar ans shake vigrously until the gas dissolves into the solvent. Voila Instant crystals. no gas in the air.  Repeat till no crystals form.
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UTFSE to identify a better method. Basically, a closed system where the excess is routed down the drain and mixed with tap water or vented through moist cat litter or charcoal.

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Getting rid of the smell was not the only advantage to using this method.  By reacting all the gas instead of a little out of each bubble the crystilazation is much faster. And how many of you like to sit for hours gassing when it could be done much quicker. 
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09-06-01 07:00
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VL-Review the current thread re HCL suspended in IPA as well as a previous large thread of a year or so ago re same subject.

Son of a bitch, will ya look at that!