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09-14-01 23:07
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I know this is very covered chemistry. Although it's still tryptamine chemistry, I suppose. I've got a ton of these flowers around my area, so I'd like to try to extract the lysergic acid amides from them and dose them once or twice to see what it's like.

1. What's the easiest way to remove the seed husk?
2. Are dosages measured (ie g/dose) with, or without the seed husk?
3. Can I simply do a petroleum ether wash instead of a soak, then filtration?
4. Is crushing them necessary? Can I just let them stir in a flask of methanol for a day to extract?
5. What will happen if I don't do the pet ether wash?
6. Will the LAA decompose if I boil down the methanol? (not to dryness)
7. Will a morning glory extract glow under UV?

Thanx, and sorry for the boring questions.
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09-15-01 00:19
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easiest way to remove husk is to collect a shit load and crush them all (to get small peices of husk all mixed in with the seeds) and dump onto a fine sieve.  now turn on your hair dryer and aim up wards to blow away the husk and leave the seedy goodness.

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09-15-01 02:50
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I just read of using a coffee grinder if I do need to grind them / remove husk, but if I don't, all the better.
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09-15-01 11:40
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here we go........firstly do u want a residue or just a way to get high as a kite?
1. wash the seeds first unless you have grown them yourself
2. grind (a must, cause the stuff is in the seed) the seeds and soak in a minimum amount of petroleum ether, this takes out what people call the "fish eye" experience and the nausea!!!
3. dry
4. either extract with a strong alcoholic beverage, no water! or methanol.

this is where the two differ, if you want a high and bee able to control it extract into vodka or gin etc usually a shot for 500 seeds, and sip the experience is instant, if you want to get some sticky residue or crystals, obviously you will have to extract into methanol evaporate down (without too much heat or preferably none just a warm place, due to the fact these little buggers don't like extremes!and utilise a pan off water with a pyrex dish ontop of it with a low heat) then eat or if you are after a crystal, HCL gassing is probly your cup of tea!!!!!! although you are going to need a few seeds to get an amount of crystal!apparently these do glow under UV as do most LSD related substance's so watch out for the authority's shining their UV's around your kitchen always keep it clean!!!
anyway is this what you wanted to hear? any questions just PM me. okie cockie *mwah*wink

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09-18-01 18:57
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Well, ok, once the seeds are ready to be harvested I'll post back my results. I'm planning to grind them, soak them in methanol, distill the methanol and wash with pet ether. It seems to be the most efficient way, I hate using more pet ether than I have to due to environmental consciousness.
09-20-01 16:21
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      cyanide deriv in seed coat  Bookmark   

There's a thread in the lycaeum that's relevent, I'll post the good parts:

" I guess there's cyanide in the outer shell of the HBWR seed. The problem with this is that cyanide is polar like LSA and iso-LSA. So the standard non-polar/polar extraction winds up leaving cyanide in the end product. Is there another step one can take to eliminate the cyanide without destroying the desired amine's? "

They do contain other substances that makes you feel nausea, they are; cyanogenic glycosides.
cyanogenic glycosides will be extracted with a nonpolar solvent.
The first 4 letters in cyanogenic glycosides reminds us all of another mentioned substance, lets not create another myth.
Sources for above facts are: and"

"To clarify, HBWR seeds do not contain HCN (Hydrogen Cyanide, Cyanide) themselves. The cyanogenic glycosides which are concentraded mostly in the coating of the seeds (and in some cases within the seeds) are boken down in the body and HCN is released. That is what causes the nausea, and if you eat enough seeds without removing the coating, painful death."

"So, if one removes the coating and maybe even the shell, nausea can be almost completely avoided. Interesting.

I always thought that the removing of the seed coat in order to obviate nausea was just a silly myth, possibly arising from real danger of ingesting fungicide-coated MG seeds. Huh."

"Thank you Matthew for telling us this.

I checked it myself on the www... Cyanogenic Glycosides does break down to Cyanide in the body.

I wonder why I havent seen this fact before. Despite reading numerous trip reports and facts on HBWS. We cant be as false as those people running the war on drugs (they are in some cases keeping out facts about drugs). We, as a community, have to display all the facts.

"Lima and kidney beans are toxic uncooked. Both beans contain cyanide producing compounds (cyanogenic glycosides), which can be destroyed by adequate cooking. Small amounts of cyanogenic glycosides will be detoxified by the liver. Cyanogenic glycosides are also found in fruit pits millet, sprouts, yams, maize, chick peas, and cassava root."

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09-24-01 08:22
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Have you ever tried this? Does it work? That'd kick ass if you could get all those black specks out of there.

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09-24-01 18:45
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Not yet, but I might bee dreaming shortly . . . ask at the Lycaeum and I'm sure you can find some people who have.

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10-14-01 03:04
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1.)Grind seed to a powder
2.)Place in a beaker with Chloroform for 2 days
3.)Vacuum filter seed until dry
4.)Discard Solvent
5.)Using a soxhlet apparatus reflux resulting powder with absolute ethanol at 80C
6.)The resulting solution will contain the LAA

Now depending on what you want to do witht he LAA there are a few differnt paths you can go down.  The easiest is to just drink it.  Chloroform was used rather then ether, because the last time I used ether I got sick, so I stopped using it.


So you need a precursor, to a precursor, just to make a precursor?