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09-19-01 10:01
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A friend of swims who likes to play with fentanyl, has recently encountered a stumbling block. Due to new obstacles recently imposed in his area in regards to acquisitions of aniline have led him to discover new methods of possession.
His question is, has anyone experimented with the production of aniline via hydrogenation of nytrobenzene with Iron turnings/fillings?
If not has anyone got any tips as he is ready to give it a try anyways.
Thanks for your time.

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09-19-01 10:06
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Yes, and it is an easy reduction. Look in the file ../rhodium/chemistry /quaalude.txt for general directions.
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06-05-02 01:41
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That text doc was HTMLized to ../rhodium/chemistry /quaalude.cheapskate.htmlcool

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06-05-02 01:46
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Yup, 300 documents HTMLized so far, 100 to go.
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06-05-02 01:49
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Can also be made by reaction of benzamide with hypochlorite salts. Another easy reaction, and Cheapskate used the same principle for his Anthranilic acid synthesis, from phthalic acid.

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06-05-02 03:15
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From what I remember the process in J. Gen. Chem. is electrochemical.  Post 199874 (PolytheneSam: "Re: Oxidative amination of an alkene, maybe an electro possiblity.", Chemistry Discourse)
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06-19-02 03:10
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nitrobenzene-anilin''''''zn/hcl or sn/hcl
If you want the procedure step by step just ask,.
It is also from vogels pract