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Hello.  I was wondering a few things about the reed grass, Phalaris Arundinacea.  First, is the DMT still able to be extracted after the grass has been dead for over a month?  Also, does anyone know of a good extraction method for obtaining the DMT alkaloid contained in the grass?  Thanks.
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If you have fresh grass, place it in freezer overnight. Next morning take
it out, let it soften just a bit and place it in blender or juicer or
chopper and blow it to pieces. If you want to be thorough, you can freeze
it again after first chopping, and chop again next morning. This is done to
rupture the cells of the plant to free as much of the alkaloids as
Dried grass pulverizes (literally!) easily in blender. Dont open the lid
immediately, or some of your finest powder will float away. Note that
drying will lower the alkaloid-content (as a result of plants metabolism).

Add small amounts of water to make the mush/powder pourable. This is called
Mixture. You can now begin.

1. Converting alkaloids to salts.
o Add acid ("A") to the Mixture to bring the pH down to 5. Add
small amounts, check pH, add small etc. etc. Alkaloids react with
the acid and form salts. To ensure that large portion of the
alkaloids really do this, give the Mixture time and some heat
(less than 50 C); don't boil. Simmer it overnight with a lid on.
2. Removing unwanted oils.
o Place the Mixture in the funnel. Add 10% of the Mixtures volume
of defatting solvent ("B"). Shake. Shake. Shake. Let the Mixture
and the solvent separate; they will form two different layers,
and oils and fats will move to the solvent layer. Separate
solvent and Mixture layers, and throw away the solvent layer.
Mixture no longer has solvent-soluable oils or fats.
3. Converting the alkaloid-salts to freebase-form.
o Add base ("C") to the Mixture to bring the pH up to 9.5. Add
small amounts, check pH, add small etc. etc. Alkaloid-salts react
with the base and convert into freebase-form, making them
non-water soluable, but soluable into your solvent ("B").
4. Removing the alkaloids from the Mixture.
o This is similar to step 2. Add 10% of the Mixtures volume of
solvent ("B"). Shake. Shake. Shake hard. Wait until the solvent
and Mixture form different layers. Separate solvent and mixture.
Put the solvent (which now holds some of the alkaloids) in some
container to wait. Repeat this step three more times, and wait a
week each time before separating the solvent and the mixture.
5. Preparing the alkaloids for smoking.
o Place the solvents in some shallow container and allow to
evaporate. Do this in either very well ventilated space or
outside. No smoking or open fire near the solvent. This takes
several days. Solvent evaporates, leaving behind orange (color
varies) substance, that may be hard or gummy. Scrape this off the
container. You now have extracted DMT, 5-MeO-DMT and some other
alkaloids from the plants. NOTE: Unless you are 101% sure you
know your extraction will be safe for oral ingestion, DO NOT
A - acid ( CH3COOH )
B- Solvent (acetone,...etc)
C - Base (naoh)laughcool

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Purchace some Calophyla Virola,it will save you from a lot of uselesss pain. That you will realize in half a year if you continue with the Phalaris
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10-16-01 17:13
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B- Solvent (acetone,...etc)

Acetone and water are miscible.

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10-19-01 00:31
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P. arundinacea contains a lot of enzymes that convert DMT to 5-Meo-DMT. If you want to extract DMT you need to treat the grass with alcohol immediatly upon harvesting. This will deactivate the enzymes and so the amount of 5-Meo-DMT will be minimal.

So I think your P. arundinacea will contain minimal DMT and maximal 5-Meo-DMT.

Phalaris is easy to come by and a DMT extraction can be done. The method just needs to be optimized.


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11-02-01 13:07
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Okay, so I chop the plant, pulverize it (freezing??) and than treat it with alcohol? i think that the DMT will solube in the alcohol. Is this a problem???
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11-02-01 14:43
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Personally I would forget the enzyme deactivating with alcohol as 5 Meo DMT is a smokable form .If I remember correctly,straight DMT needs to be injested (yum) with some MAO inhibitors to effect the brain.

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11-02-01 14:48
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This belongs in the Tryptamine forum, not in the chemistry forum.
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Hope this doesn't make me an EDITOR, but check out the URL posted by meme, great site lotsa purdy pictures, and as it says  dosage is greater than 350mg orally.
In fact this post might as well be locked now as the meme site says all you need to know.

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