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09-21-01 08:57
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SWIM was reading over in the Erowid archives when he found this:


Tryptamine derivatives and beta-Carbolines have been detected as endogenous metabolites in mammals, including humans. Methyl transferases that catalyze the synthesis of tryptamines, including DMT, 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenine, are found in human lung, brain, cerebrospinal fluid, liver and heart (McKenna & Towers 1984). In the pineal gland MAO is the primary inactivation pathway of serotonin, a neurotransmitter synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan. If MAO is blocked by harmine, harmaline or other MAO inhibitors serotonin can be converted by the methyltransferase enzymes HIOMT and INMT into psychedelic tryptamines (serotonin --(HIOMT)--> 5-MeO-trypt. --(2*INMT)--> 5-MeO-DMT).
So, ingesting l-tryptophan to increase serotonin levels, a candy bar to increase the amount of tryptophan getting to your brain and natural plant material containing 25-50 mg harmine/harmaline to block MAO, all at the same time, might cause your pineal gland to synthesize substantial amounts of 5-MeO-DMT (Most 1986). Similar results might be obtained by substituting 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) for tryptophan. Normal sleep-inducing doses of melatonin have also been taken with reversible MAOIs with the resulting psychoactive effects suggesting significant interaction of the two substances. This is extremely dangerous for persons with existing amine imbalance or schizophrenia. For normal, healthy people possible consequences are bad.

SWIM was wondering what the possible consequences refered to here are.  Is the danger caused by the 5-MeO-DMT and MAOI together in rather unpredictable amounts?  Just a crazy dream, mabye.

09-21-01 17:12
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I think that they are reffering to just that, a crazy dream.  I also have never heard of this working, despite it, and other like things, being 'net lore for a long time.

Smoking melotonin is fun.  I'd like to find the active level, I'm sure it's there.

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10-08-01 11:53
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Damn, I can't find the references. I must have deleted them from my PC - but I'll try find them online again (sigh)
OK, what they were was a study on sleep-deprivation - the conclusions reached were that a contributing factor in sleep-deprivation induced hallucinations were the conversion of serotonin(OK, might not have been serotonin, could have been one of the other chems. in that pathway) into 5-Meo-DMT (the whole pathway for this conversion was given - it was NOT a one-step process)
Has anyone else seen a reference similar to this, so I know where I can start looking?
10-08-01 23:27
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I thought it was 5-HTP + MAOI + L-methionine?
10-09-01 03:16
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I've seen this thread pop up for years, and no one has ever had the cojones to try it.  It may work, but it may work too well, and that could very bad.
10-10-01 01:57
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Could bee a bit scary in fact... probably not worth trying unless you had really good reason to believe it wouldn't cause more trouble then it's worth!
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07-03-02 18:06
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Just lurking in TFSE,found this.Anybee have an educated
guess how bad this is?Is it dangerous or would doing this
only be uncomfortable?SWIM hasn't heard of anybee actually
trying this,but SWIM is probably crazy enough to do it!blush


Weedar contains 2,4-D dimethylamine salt,apparently
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07-04-02 09:12
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Anyone read that book by McKenna - True Hallucinations?
His brother, Dennis does hisself some sperimentin' with mushies,DMT and an mao I believe.  Fucked him up for a few weeks (could bee a little off on some of this info- it was read years back).
Swim has had the most hellish experiance of his life on mushies/maoi - had to bee strapped down in the hospital/shot up with thorzine as he was in a pcp-like 'rage' (actually he wasnt angry, but thats beside the point).  Anxiety attacks ensued for quite a few months afterwards, and to this day- although he feels he ended up benefitting from the experiance (spiritual insight etc) he wouldnt wish that experiance on his worst enemy.
If swiy intends on giving this a try- maybee he should make certain he doesnt have any preexisting conditions/imbalances or family history of mental illness.
Swim hopes you reconsider, but if you do- get a sitter, do small dose, make sure sitter has good instructions beforehand (like to take your ass to a hospital and tell 'em exactly what ya took) <- dont worry the hospital cant tell the police on you if you are admitted without their aide (patient confidentiality)
Also, swim seems to remember reading Psychedelic Shamanism by Jim DeKorne which swim believes there are instructions (medical) on how one is to bee treated for a bad mao/dmt interaction- something to that effect.
Sorry the info isnt more specific, but swims on vacation and doesnt have access to his books.

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07-10-02 18:55
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Smoking melotonin is fun. 

could you elaborate further? what were your experiences, dose, etc? you sparked my curiousity smile

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07-11-02 18:54
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I have read true hallucinations. Before you believe anything terrance has to say, consider this:

1) terrance thought that when some tryptamines bind with the receptor, the tail comming off the ring acts as an ariel for recieving interdimensional signals. He thought that by humming in a certain way (trying to emulate a buzzing he heard while tripping) that he could counteract the electron spin on some of these molecules by resonance and since they would be in a state of absolute zero for that fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a nanosecond the signal would be able to travel at unlimited speed and he would have access to all knowlege in the universe.

2) at the end of the book terrance writes his reflection on the experience several months after leaving the amazon. He admits that he probably was suffering from temporary schizophrenia due to the number of experiments he performed with "courageous doses" of DMT, mushies, and MAOIs.

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07-11-02 18:57
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Side note: I personally feel that terrance's schizophrenia was not temporary. smilesmilelaughwink

Better loving through chemistry.