Natrix (Stranger)
09-24-01 22:44
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How difficult would it be to make 2-methyl-hydrochinone from 4-chloro-3-methylphenol (PCMC) ? PCMC is a biocide and is used against bacteria, fungi and yeast.
(Master Searcher)
09-24-01 23:12
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I saw something in a chemistry book about a Dow Chemical process for making phenol from chlorobenzene using NaOH solution at 350 degrees C under pressure.
(Chief Bee)
09-24-01 23:13
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Reflux in strong sodium hydroxide solution together with copper powder, for at least 24h.

A general method is described for 5-hydroxyvanillin in: ../rhodium/chemistry /mmda.mescaline.html

If you were planning on using it for 2,5-dimethoxytoluene, I'd suggest you methylate the starting material first, for easier workup, and possibly better yields.
09-25-01 12:22
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Thanks for your answers PolytheneSam and Rhodium.  Although the yield might be low (US.P. 3,778,481), the substance is very interesting because it is sold otc and it is inexpensive. 
(Distinctive Doe)
09-25-01 17:40
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If you have access to an ultrs sonic bath I would put the reaction in it periodically.  It should increase yeilds

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