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09-24-01 17:23
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sorry to be posting this spam, but i need to find a post made a few months back (yes have UTFSE  for two hours now, pas de luck)

it was the basic vacuum isomerisation technique minus the vacuum, no solvent, i forget who posted it, but they had just tested a batch of safrole w/ KOH on a waterbath overnight.

the thing i remember most about it was somebee said, "my vacuum will sleep alot easier now" or something such

I need a low temp iso technique for a very special allybenzene, cannot risk polymerization and haven't got any PTC to hand, please help!

anybee know the post i mean, or the technique? i remeber thinking it was ALOT of KOH at the time but . . . i guess my brain is charred

"All those memories lost like rain..."
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09-25-01 04:50
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By using the search engine for about ten minutes, the answer to your question was found. The terms used were isosafrole and isomer, this combination must have eluded you. It's in Methods Discourse, started 5-7-01 by wacko reaco in Post 189761 (wacko_reaco: "isomerisation success (x2)", Methods Discourse), called "isomerization success (x2)" smilesmilesmile
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09-25-01 12:54
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thanks lugh, my memopry is charred, i was convinced it had been done on a water bath which was where my search went south, guess i'm gonna have to get break down some of this aliqat 336 stuff. . . .sigh

"All those memories lost like rain..."